Gordon Boswell

Bouquets & Arrangements to Greet New Neighbors

It is estimated that each year, approximately 50 million people will change their residence – and that number is rising fairly rapidly! Most move within the same state, but increasingly we are seeing the number of moves nationally and internationally increase. With all that moving around, the chances are excellent that you may get some new neighbors here in Fort Worth this year!

Gordon Boswell Florist has the flowers, plants and floral gifts that will not only welcome your new neighbors in style, but maybe start a beautiful new friendship! 

Did You Know? The original housewarming gift was firewood, because the purpose of the housewarming party was actually to keep the house warm! Once electricity and central heat became commonplace, the housewarming party now focuses on helping to make the new place homey and comfortable.

Bromeliads (shown above) are wonderful homecoming gifts, as they send simple greens and subtle colors that can easily blend into virtually any decor. They look great indoor or on a patio, and are long lasting and easy to care for.

When a home is new, a bright bouquet of flowers is a great gift to add color and excitement to any space. We chose roses, asters, calla lilies and gerbera daisies for the arrangement below, but you can choose any in-season flowers to create a stunning bouquet sure to make a great first impression.

If you are still not sure what to choose, how about lush green plants which are perfect regardless of color palette? Plants are hardy and long-lasting, and will add subtle serenity to any room in the home. Gordon Boswell Florist has a wide selection of plants that will make their day.

We love welcoming new folks to Fort Worth. Come in today to find a great gift, then go make a new friend!