Sapphires- September’s Birthstone

September birthdays

It’s time to celebrate September birthdays! For all those special people you’ll be looking to honor this month, the team at Gordon Boswell Florist would like to recommend floral designs inspired by sapphires, September’s birthstone.  The brilliant blue only occurs in a few flowers naturally, making a sapphire-blue arrangement as uniquely beautiful as its inspiration stone. No matter what inspires you, we know that you’ll love the birthday bouquets from our talented designers.  Continue reading

April Daisies and Birthday Arrangements

april daisies

Is there any flower that more embodies the pure carefree nature of spring than the daisy? With its iconic yellow center and white rays, daisies practically exude sunshine and are a beautiful way to bring the fresh ambiance of the season into your home or office.

Better yet, call Gordon Boswell Flowers to order bouquets of daisies for all of your loved ones celebrating April birthdays – as the official birth flower of the month, this ambassador of spring may be your perfect choice. Continue reading

Celebrating with Birthstone Bouquets

birthday bouquetsAnyone can place a few cut flowers in a vase. But it takes a professional designer to create truly beautiful works of art that you will be proud to give to your friends and family. This year, when it comes time to give birthday flowers to those you love, don’t just settle for the ordinary. Call the experts at Gordon Boswell Flowers, and we will work with you to design extraordinary birthstone bouquets.

Birthstones represent each month of the year, and are a popular way to mark someone’s birthday. Taking a cue from these precious gems, we recommend designing a custom birthday bouquet that expresses the spirit of each stone.  In January, the essence of deep red garnet can be arranged with red roses or gerbera daisies, while in February, the purple amethyst is showcased with hydrangea or roses.  Continue reading

Designer Birthday Flowers

designer birthday flowers

There are people in our lives who give us great advice, provide a shoulder to cry on and never let us down. Whether a friend, parent or colleague, their August birthday is the perfect time to express all the love and appreciation you have for them. In preparation for their big day, our talented team has been hard at work creating designer birthday flowers that represent two of the symbols of August  – the gladioli bloom and the peridot gemstone.

designer birthday flowers

The birth flower of August is the dramatic gladioli flower. This towering, impressive bloom is used to add height and color to arrangement lucky enough to showcase them. Also known as the “sword lily” , the gladiolus is said to signify strength of character and loyalty, making it the perfect choice to say “happy birthday and thank you” to those who support you throughout the year. Gladioli are available in a wide range of colors from delicate to vibrant, allowing you to personalize a birthday bouquet for each unique recipient. One of our favorite gladioli arrangements for summer is Blue Rhapsody, which not only features the birth flower, but celebrates all the joy of summer with bright, vivid hues. Roses, larkspur, and hydrangea make this a festive birthday arrangement.


Another inspiration in August is the birthstone, the peridot. This rare stone may not be as well known as some of its precious counterparts, but its striking appearance makes it special. We have created some gorgeous designs that visually represent the peridot through the use of florals, showcasing its greenish gold hue through the use of green, yellow and cream blooms. Green hydrangea, yellow snapdragons, green cymbidium orchids and Bells of Ireland are just a few of the exotic flowers that can provide your loved one with a birthstone bouquet that is as rare as the stones themselves .

This August, tell them how much they inspire you, with designer birthday flowers from Gordon Boswell.

Emeralds for May Birthdays

may birthdaysMined in Egypt from as early as 1500 BCE, the emerald is a vibrant gemstone that represents rebirth, youth, and even good fortune. This striking precious stone has been found in 29 countries across the world, including in the U.S and Canada, although to date, no emeralds have been found in Fort Worth.

So when you are considering a birthday gift for those who celebrate in May – during which the emerald plays the role of birthstone – perhaps Gordon Boswell can help with an emerald-green floral arrangement that will be equally gorgeous.

may birthdays may birthdays

Designed in an emerald green cube, our May floral arrangements will make anyone in the vicinity green with envy. You may not realize that there are so many flowers available in green – although the green cymbidium orchid may be the most exotic, you can also design a bouquet using green roses, spider mums, poms, hydrangea, day lilies and more! Although not the most popular hue of flowers, these green blooms make a unique statement that is sure to make their birthday spectacular!

Emeralds of high quality are exceptionally rare, so many of the emeralds that you see have undergone treatment of some kind to improve its appearance. Not so our beautiful flowers! A green floral arrangement from Gordon Boswell shows off nature’s abundance in all its glory utilizing natural green, fresh cut florals. Of course, lush green plants are another way to celebrate an emerald birthday – and we’ve got plenty of choices for plants as well, whether green, flowering, dish gardens, and succulents. So this May, send all your birthday celebrants a birthstone-inspired bouquet or arrangement that is sure to deliver amazement.

Aster: The September Birth Flower

asterIn many places, the start of September is synonymous with the unofficial end of summer – mostly because of Labor Day, and the end of gardening. Fortunately, that’s not an issue for people in Texas, and Gordon Boswell wants to make sure that no matter what kind of unexpected weather Mother Nature unleashes on us, you can enjoy the beauty of cut flowers anywhere you choose to place them. Let’s not forget that cut flowers are also a wonderful gift for any occasion.


Asters are the birth flower for the month of September. These delightful large flowers put on a spectacular show of color in flower gardens throughout all of summer and well into the fall. The flower name is derived from the Greek word astér, a word that translates into English as “star.” The whole connection between the Greek word, what it means in English and the flower is a fun one when you think about a legend from Greek mythology that likely tells of the origin of asters on Earth.


How a Greek Goddess Caused Asters to Grow on Earth

The Greek myth suggests that the Greek Goddess of Innocence, Astraea went to the heavens where she was transformed into the constellation Virgo. Back on earth, Zeus decided to cleanse the earth of corruption. As the King of the Gods, he could do anything so he flooded the earth, killing everyone on it, except for two people who were stranded on the top of Mount Parnassus.


Astraea, who had become Virgo, was able to see what had happened. She felt horribly sorry for the two sole survivors, so she created starlight so they’d have some sort of light to guide them. Another version of the story suggests that she was despondent over the lack of stars in the sky. Either way, she was so overcome with sadness that she cried and cried. As she cried, tears would land in different places on earth, and in each place where her tears struck the earth, asters sprouted.


Asters are also referred to as the “herb of Venus” because they were commonly used in making love potions.


Asters and the Asteraceae Family


Asters belong to the Asteraceae family, which happens to be the second largest flower family. The family consists of over 23,000 separate species, including sunflowers and daisies, and roughly 1600 different genera. Asters belong to the genus of the same name. There are roughly 650 known aster species in existence.


Asters come in a variety of colors, including many different shades and hues of purple. Out of the many hundreds of aster species, the Monte Casino species is most popular species that exists.


Our Sunny Day arrangement incorporates lavender Monte Casino asters in an arrangement that also includes red roses, red miniature carnations, yellow sunflowers, bronze spray chrysanthemum daisies, Bupleurum, pitta negra, and salal.


Summer Birthday Flowers

birthday flowersYou can’t think of summertime in Texas in any context in which outdoor living isn’t part of it. Regardless of the extent to which Texans love to spend as much time as possible outside, there are some days when it’s so hot; you could probably fry an egg on the sidewalk. When people have to retreat to air conditioning, they should at least be able to enjoy the look of some beautiful summer flower arrangements. That’s why anyone would be thrilled to receive a summer birthday gift of a carefully chosen flower arrangement. Our experienced Gordon Boswell floral designers are dedicated to coming up with fantastic birthday gifts for men and women.

We’ve come up with three arrangements that reflect the interests of Texas men and women. Consider giving a special man or woman in your life, a birthday gift that is as big and bold as the Lone Star state.

Most Texas men love to help with the cooking, and they do so by handling everything related to grilling or barbecuing. Any guy will love this portable Weber Hot off the Grill arrangement. We filled the grill with large and miniature red carnations, yellow Viking daisies, spray chrysanthemums, light blue delphinium, and accents of blue sinuata statice, and sprigs of myrtle and spiral eucalyptus. He will use the grill at the beach, for tailgating, or even on the porch or in the backyard.

birthday flowers

Texas is famous for its beautiful wildflowers. When you want to give a Texas woman flowers for her birthday, you will hit the jackpot with our popular Southern Wildflowers arrangement. We choose seasonal wildflowers in bright colors to create an arrangement that is full of texture, contrast, and drama.

If you look at what people drive when you’re out on the road, you’ll probably see a lot of Ford trucks. Everything is bigger in Texas, and vehicles are no exception. If you know a guy who loves classic trucks, give him the ’48 Ford Pickup Truck arrangement. We fill this classic ceramic replica of the Ford F-1 truck with orange roses, purple status, red carnations, and yellow daisies. A truck fanatic will enjoy the keepsake mini replica and remember your thoughtful gift.


Surprise Them with Violets this February

Surprise Them with Violets this FebruaryWhile flowers are available in a variety of huge blooms and bright colors, sometimes a more understated approach is called for. The delicate, beautiful violet can make as much of a statement as a big, bright bouquet, but with more grace, ease and elegance.

The violet has roots and symbolism dating back to ancient Rome and Greece. The Romans used it to make wine, while the Greeks and other cultures saw its essence as an aphrodisiac, perfume and love potion. Some ancient cultures attributed healing qualities to the violet, using it to address issues with the heart both literal and metaphoric; violet was believed to help mend both heart disease and the broken hearts of lovers.

Rich Symbolic Meanings and Significance

The meaning and symbolism of the violet is rich and descriptive as well; violet is associated with humility and faithfulness. White violets can connote innocence and new beginnings. If you see purple violets in your dreams, this could mean that good fortune is on its way, or that your future partner will be younger than you. Violets can also signify remembrance and resurrection, and they are a harbinger of hope after a loss.

In modern times, violet has been adopted as the state flower for four U.S. states: Illinois, New Hampshire, New Jersey and Wisconsin. It is also the national flower of the country of Greece. The violet also happens to be the birth flower for the month of February, so if you know anyone with a February birthday, giving them violets as a gift can be a timely and thoughtful choice.

The African Violet

With deep purple flowers and rich, velvety green leaves, the African violet is a popular gift choice and one of the most popular flowering plants in U.S. households. It requires only moderate care and should be watered just enough to keep the soil moist, never soggy. The African violet does well in low to moderate lighting conditions, and trimming spent flowers allows new ones to bloom in their place.

Garden basket Ideas by Gordon Boswell Florist

Garden basket

Mixed Flower Gardens

Another excellent way to gift someone with the violet is within a mixed flower garden, dish garden or basket. Violets “play well” with other flowers and their small but impactful color makes them a wonderful accent flower. A Garden Basket combines a variety of beautiful spring blooms and is sure to delight the recipient.

Whether you know someone with a February birthday or are just looking for a subtle, classy gift idea, violets are the perfect choice. Contact Gordon Boswell for more information or to place a flower order.