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Include the Traditional Symbolism of Holly

As the holidays approach, we begin to see traditions we hold to crop up everywhere we look. From carols we sing and cookies we bake to how we decorate our homes and businesses, the holiday season brings out traditions that we value. The holly plant is a huge part of that traditional feel. It has been a symbol of Christmas for centuries, but did you know it was also used in winter celebrations during pre-Christian times? Ancient civilizations held holly in high esteem. Here, the floral experts at Gordon Boswell Flowers want to show you why the holly plant, December’s birth “flower,” has made such an impact for some many centuries. We’ll also show you some great ways to include it in your decor this season.  Read More about Include the Traditional Symbolism of Holly »
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Our Experts’ 5 Favorite Flowers

Flowers say a lot about who we are. The flowers we love most reflect our personalities and give us insight into how others see us, as well. If you don’t yet have a favorite flower, we highly recommend exploring different types of flowers until you find one that simply speaks to you. Choosing flowers for friends and loved ones can take on a whole new meaning when you discover their favorite flowers and what those mean.  Read More about Our Experts’ 5 Favorite Flowers »
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