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Fun and Creative Ways to Celebrate Independence Day

On the Fourth of July, we wave the American flag to commemorate our nation’s Independence and freedom that was achieved in 1776. In addition to traditional backyard cookouts with neighbors and loved ones, celebrating Independence Day is done… Read More about Fun and Creative Ways to Celebrate Independence Day »

Think of Freedom and Independence

On the Fourth of July, we tend to think of the freedom and independence we enjoy as Americans. We also don’t want to forget the individuals who make these freedoms possible. So, if you know anyone in the military, be sure to honor them on the Fourth of July and thank them for their service. For example, a great way to do this is with a beautiful bouquet of flowers from Gordon Boswell Flowers. Our patriotic blooms are second to none. So, we know we can help you find the perfect design to display in your home, at your Fourth of July celebration or to send to your favorite military service person. Read More about Think of Freedom and Independence »
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A Sunny Sorbet For Hot Summer Days

We have summertime on our mind now that the weather is warmer, the days are longer, and the sun is shining a little brighter. A great way to celebrate this beautiful season is with bright, bold colors surrounding you everywhere you go. Whether you’re lounging by the pool, hosting  a family barbecue, or simply enjoying your home all summer, these gorgeous summer flowers are a must have for hot days. The floral designers at Gordon Boswell Flowers are here to help you learn more about our excellent floral designs and summer flower collection. Take a look at these amazing pieces and choose one for every event this summer. Read More about A Sunny Sorbet For Hot Summer Days »
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Get Some Bee-Friendly Flowers

Bees, as a species, are on the decline and numbers are beginning to drop into the endangered category. Attracting bees to your garden or yard is an important way to participate in boosting the declining bee population, which will allow them to continue to do the work they were designed to do- pollinating crops that make up 90% of the world’s food resources. By bringing brightly colored flowers (think of sunflowers and lavender) to your garden, you will offer a safe environment for bees to live. If gardening isn’t your thing, or you simply don’t have the space for a garden, the floral specialists at Gordon Boswell Flowers recommend including some bee-friendly flowers and plants on your outdoor porch or patio. Read More about Get Some Bee-Friendly Flowers »
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Perfect Flowers For Every Room

Your kitchen is the center of activity in your home. Conversations are started, meals are created, and life is lived around a kitchen table. Decorating such a well-used room is paramount to creating an inviting space where people feel at home. Include fresh flowers in your decor to add warmth and character to such a homey space. The floral experts at Gordon Boswell Flowers will be glad to help you choose flowers that are perfect for each room in your home. Read More about Perfect Flowers For Every Room »
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Bring A Bit Of Summer To Your Teacher’s Desk

Every year, at the close of summer, as students enjoy the last few days of freedom and sunshine, teachers are already hard at work preparing for the coming school year. Classrooms are cleaned, arranged and decorated, lesson plans are written, and many meetings are attended. By the time your student arrives in their new teacher’s classroom for back-to-school night, much work has already been accomplished. Gordon Boswell suggests this is a great time to appear with a bouquet of flowers or a great gift to show your appreciation. Read More about Bring A Bit Of Summer To Your Teacher’s Desk »
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Pair Thee Well This Summer

What makes a summertime soiree so special? We here at Gordon Boswell will let you in on a little secret: it's all about what's on the table. And no, we don't just mean the gorgeous platter of salmon accented by lemon wedges and rosemary sprigs. Or the glistening dish of ceviche. We're not even talking about the sangria you'll pour from a crystal pitcher pulled out just for this occasion, or the meringue you've got waiting in the wings for dessert. We're talking about the flowers. Summer is peak season for easy and elegant gatherings that transition from indoors to out. Moonlight, candelight and plenty of luscious fresh food are key elements of a spectacular seasonal party. Many flowers are also at their peak during this season, and make the perfect pairing with your fiesta. Read More about Pair Thee Well This Summer »
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A Dash Of Sunshine For Summer

One of the best ways to add a little verve to your space is to embrace spring and early summer's energetic blossoms. There's a whole range on offer, representing every color in the rainbow and a crop of styles to boot. Everything from peony to hibiscus is in bloom (or will be shortly), making it possible to build truly spectacular custom arrangements to suit any taste. If you want to inject a little seasonal spirit into your life, start bringing home flowers now. Gordon Boswell is happy to help you find just the thing you're looking for, whether you want garden-inspired and wild or a bowl of popping red Gerbera daisies for your desk at work. Read More about A Dash Of Sunshine For Summer »
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