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Include the Traditional Symbolism of Holly

As the holidays approach, we begin to see traditions we hold to crop up everywhere we look. From carols we sing and cookies we bake to how we decorate our homes and businesses, the holiday season brings out traditions that we value. The holly plant is a huge part of that traditional feel. It has been a symbol of Christmas for centuries, but did you know it was also used in winter celebrations during pre-Christian times? Ancient civilizations held holly in high esteem. Here, the floral experts at Gordon Boswell Flowers want to show you why the holly plant, December’s birth “flower,” has made such an impact for some many centuries. We’ll also show you some great ways to include it in your decor this season.  Read More about Include the Traditional Symbolism of Holly »
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Honor and Remember

For the families of fallen military veterans, the holidays can often be a trying time. Remembering those who are no longer with us while participating in festive holiday activities can difficult. If this is true of your family, consider participating in Wreaths Across America, a wreath-laying ceremony started at Arlington National Cemetery and now promoted across the country. Placing a beautiful holiday wreath on your loved one's grave site can be a healing and meaningful act that becomes a family tradition. The floral artisans at Gordon Boswell Flowers are eager to share our collection of beautiful holiday wreaths to help you honor and remember your beloved. Read More about Honor and Remember »
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Crafty Holiday Creations

As the holidays approach, decorating with festive colors, textures and ornaments becomes a priority. Include crafty creations in your holiday decor while bonding with family members while completing a do-it-yourself holiday craft project. Create personalized place cards with pine cones and glittered chipboard letters for a festive addition to your holiday tablescape. The floral artisans at Gordon Boswell Flowers have created an amazing collection of holiday floral arrangements that will pair perfectly with your crafty designs. Read More about Crafty Holiday Creations »
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Classic Holiday Gifts

Send glad tidings and good wishes this holiday season with gorgeous keepsake ornaments, fabulous hanging door wreaths and delicious gourmet gift baskets. Spread holiday cheer and fill hearts with joy when you gift your friends and loved ones with a special delivery just for them this year. The designers at Gordon Boswell Flowers have assembled a collection of our holiday best-sellers for you to choose from. Read More about Classic Holiday Gifts »
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A Highlight From Our Gift Guide

While it's very hard to narrow it down to some of Gordon Boswell's favorite things during this time of year, we've done it. See our very best seasonal blooms, arrangements and more in our Holiday Gift Guide, a real one-stop shop in that you can find something for anyone in its pages - we promise. One of our most beloved lines, Coton Colors, makes a spectacular gift for the holidays. Once filled to the brim with bright winter blooms and arranged with a touch of whimsy, these distinctive floral containers become the gift that keeps on giving. Read More about A Highlight From Our Gift Guide »
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Make Your Secret Santa Gift The Happiest

Secret Santa is a popular gift swap in a work setting or amongst a group of friends, and for good reason. The cloak of anonymity on the part of the giver lends a lot of anticipation and just plain fun to the exchange. When everyone finally gets their gifts, it's a riot to try to figure out who gave what to whom. On the other hand, Secret Santa can lead to a lot of gimmicky gift choices, a fate we here at Gordon Boswell would love to help you avoid this year. Read More about Make Your Secret Santa Gift The Happiest »
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Deck the Office Halls with Poinsettias

It's the most wonderful time of the year . . . for poinsettias! This winter-blooming plant is all the rage when holiday time hits because of its classic Christmas color palette, true red against perfect green leaves. But this beauty is available in lots of colors, including white, pink and even orange. What makes the red version so coveted when it comes to workplace decor is that most businesses and offices desperately need holiday color but have a lot of open space, too. Clusters of poinsettias cover some of that ground and make a huge impact, all with little effort on the part of you and your colleagues. Read More about Deck the Office Halls with Poinsettias »
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Take Secret Santa to the Next Level

Many people love choosing gifts, but for some it can be challenging to decide upon the perfect gift for each person on the list. If you are involved in a Secret Santa gift exchange, you may even be faced with selecting a gift for someone you don't know very well. How do you come up with something unexpected and different, that is the right size and color, and they won't want to return? It's easier than you think when you check out the Holiday Gift Guide from Gordon Boswell. This year, take Secret Santa gifts from boring to extraordinary. Remember - we put the "secret " in Secret Santa! Just let us know what the gift is for, and we'll make sure your gift arrives anonymously. Read More about Take Secret Santa to the Next Level »
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Seasonal Decor and Corporate Gift Giving

The holiday season is nearly upon us, and now is the time to start preparing for the festivities. Whether decorating your office, planning the company holiday party or considering seasonal corporate gifts, Gordon Boswell Florist is the best place to begin. We have been adorning Fort Worth homes and businesses with holiday and seasonal decor for nearly a century. Read More about Seasonal Decor and Corporate Gift Giving »
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