A Bulb Basket For Spring

Spring is here. The surest sign that spring is finally here in Texas is the sight of bluebonnets. While we’re basking in delightful temperatures and enjoying cloudless skies, the Northeastern part of the United States is bracing for – or already experiencing another Nor’easter. But all that beautiful weather outside leaves our indoor work and living spaces dreary and empty. Thankfully, Gordon Boswell has a vast array of colorful flower arrangements and potted plants that are ideal for adding a touch of spring to your home or business. Flowers are a nice alternative to the traditional candy baskets that people typically give to others for Easter.

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Springtime & Easter Floral Designs

Easter Floral Designs

Is there anything more symbolic of spring than fresh flowers? Even more so, floral arrangements are the perfect gift for the Easter season, as they represent renewal, hope, and new beginnings. At Gordon Boswell Flowers, we love arranging the amazing colors, textures, and aesthetics of springtime – this year, consider decorating your home or office with Easter floral designs that will deliver all the sunshine!

Did You Know? Easter recounts the Christian tradition of the Resurrection, which took place in a flower garden. The Easter lily, representative of hope and new life, is closely associated with the holiday and is often used as decor in churches and at faith-based services on Easter Sunday.  Continue reading

2016 Easter Flowers

easter flowersThe Easter season expresses many traditions and symbols which originated in both Christianity and the ancient world. The religious source of Easter is manifested in Christian imagery and church services; on the same day, vividly colored eggs and generous bunny rabbits with baskets are popular icons; derived from the pagan spring festivals of ancient cultures. There is, however, a common theme between the two seemingly divergent celebrations – new life, rebirth and resurrection are celebrated in both religious and secular traditions. Spring and Easter flowers fit into this theme beautifully, as they re-bloom annually and “come back to life“ to adorn the earth with warmth and joy.

A timeless symbol of the biblical Resurrection, white lilies have signified religious Easter observances throughout the years. The lily is a magnificent emblem of Easter that has stood the test of time, and is most commonly associated with the holiday. But the white lily is not the only flower with ties to spring sentiments. Some other blooms that awaken our senses include the azalea, tulips, daffodils, hydrangea, daisies, forsythia and mums in a wide range of pastel colors and hues.

easter flowers easter flowers

Spring floral arrangements are a meaningful way to celebrate the end of winter, the beginning of sunny Fort Worth days and the excitement everyone feels at this time of year. We have renewed energy and renewed hopes – so what better way to translate those feelings than with vibrant, fresh cut flowers? To decorate a church, to adorn your Easter dinner table, or to wish a Happy Easter to friends or family – spring blooms bring a breath of fresh air into any atmosphere.

The professional florists at Gordon Boswell are committed to the delivery of gorgeous seasonal flowers, whether for Easter celebrations or simply to announce the beginning of spring. Call us today to order yours!


Best Easter Flowers

thumbnail-1Imagine a beautiful hillside in the spring covered in wildflowers that dance in the gentle breeze. The sun has chased away the cold temperatures of winter, and it’s time to observe Easter and spring’s new beginnings. What flowers will you choose to help you celebrate? Will you choose traditional lilies or will you go with something festive like bright carnations to use for your Easter flowers?

Flowers For Religious Observances

Easter has become a widely celebrated holiday by those who observe religious days, as well as by families who embrace this springtime celebration with friends. If you’re looking for flowers to use in a traditional observance of Easter, you may want to choose an elegant display of spring flowers in a simple glass vase.

Think of hydrangeas, roses, and calla lilies in colors like white, cream, and pale green. These flowers are appropriate for display in a traditional church, as well as at the customary Easter brunch that your family attends after services. If you have a friend who celebrates Easter who lives far away, consider giving them a vase of white lilies.

If it’s a tradition for everyone to gather at your home after going to church, welcome your guests with a beautiful meal with foods like glazed ham, garlic-herb roasted chicken, or roasted lamb set among beautiful vases of carnations or lilies.

Extravagant Bliss

Extravagant Bliss

Having Fun with the Kids

Before they’re old enough to appreciate the meaning of Easter, many children just want to wake up on Easter morning and hunt for eggs, getting their Easter finery completely covered in dirt in the process. Viewing Easter as a joyful celebration is a wonderful way to incorporate this important holiday in a young person’s life.

It’s also a childhood tradition to stuff one’s self with chocolate and candy on Easter. What better way to decorate a party than with a bright display of orange, pink, and yellow gerbera daisies? This vibrant cube of flowers is so festive and beautiful that it almost looks edible, just like the chocolate bunnies and candy-filled eggs.

Bright and Stunning

Bright and Stunning

As you plan your Easter celebration, remember to celebrate with flowers from Gordon Boswell. Nothing is more meaningful for this holiday than the flowers that accompany this “movable feast.”