Spring Up Your Home With A Refresh

As Texans, we’re used to experiencing big things, and we’re not strangers to monstrous weather conditions. It’s finally feeling like Spring in our northern part of the Lone Star state, and we see proof of that when we’re out and about because of the patches of blue that dot the landscape. We know it’s spring when bluebonnets bloom. For us, it’s not enough to enjoy the splendor of wildflowers in bloom all over Texas. We feel compelled to bring some of that beauty into our homes and businesses. At Gordon Boswell, we strive to fill our store with a variety of floral tastes of spring so that our customers can fill their homes and workplaces with the warmth and brightness of color, and the freshness of floral scents.

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Ode To The Fragrant Hyacinth

Most Texans are undoubtedly fed up with winter weather. We certainly are, and even though we’re now on Daylight’s Savings, you never know what type of severe weather Mother Nature will unleash on North Texas before the temperatures finally warm up enough for us to enjoy vistas of bluebonnets and other wildflowers as they bloom in sequence. Luckily, people in the Fort Worth area can count on Gordon Boswell to entice their eyes and noses with beautiful flowers and great smells.

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Welcoming Spring Through Flowers

Extreme weather is nothing new to North Texas, and the Fort Worth area knows that all too well. But one of the best things about spring in Texas, and not just the Fort Worth area, is the abundance of wildflowers that sprout up everywhere. That’s no exaggeration, either. Our Gordon Boswell customers may get to enjoy an abundance of wildflowers as they bloom in sequence anywhere all over Texas, but those small flowers aren’t suited to cutting.

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Those Occasions When Flowers Matter Most

Few things lift the spirits like receiving the gift of flowers. They are a symbol of nature’s beauty and the precious, delicate nature of life. Gordon Boswell Flowers is pleased to provide a range of options in their floral selection. From bouquets to wrist corsages and boutonnieres, we can meet all your floral needs.

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Tropical Flowers for Spring

tropical flowers

There is something about these months that just make us want to celebrate – looking at the last few weeks of spring, and anticipating the arrival of summer in Fort Worth, days seem a little more carefree. One of the ways we celebrate the season here at Gordon Boswell Flowers is with vibrant and exotic tropical flowers. You can’t help but feel a little happier when you see these arrangements showcasing these unique floral elements. They are perfect to brighten up your home or to send good wishes to someone you love.  Browse our collection of tropical flowers for spring, or give us a call – after all, everyone could use a little bit of paradise delivered to their door.  Continue reading

The Flowers of Spring are Here

springThe changing of the seasons is always an occasion for anticipation – even here in Fort Worth, while winters are not nearly as hard as in other parts of the country. The springtime brings with it longer, sunnier days, warmer temperatures, and new occasions to celebrate! At Gordon Boswell Flowers, the advent of springtime means new flowers for us to design with – and that is something we look forward to all year.

Spring flowers are vibrant and bright, and our new creations for the season reflect all the fresh, verdant optimism of springtime! So throw open the windows, let the fresh air in, and fill your home with these exquisite seasonal flowers.  Continue reading

Send Daisies for April Birthdays

daisiesWhat comes to mind when you think about April? You may remember childhood times, warm April showers and flowers sprouting up in the front yard. Spring evokes happy memories and good feelings; and to help celebrate this special season, the daisy has been chosen as the official birth flower. The daisy’s meaning represents childhood innocence and purity, and so makes a fitting bloom to celebrate your April born family and friends.

The white and yellow daisy is well known and loved. You may not realize, however, that daisies can be found in a wide variety of colors. Rich pastels or vibrant hot pinks, oranges, and purples; and even daisies with multiple colored petals on a single bloom – all are go-to flowers as florists arrange spring bouquets.

daisies daisies

The daisy is one of our favorite spring flowers, but it is also part of a much larger family of plants. Close relatives of the daisy include the sunflower, the marigold, the zinnia and the chrysanthemum. All of these plants are known as vascular plants, which means they circulate water throughout their stem, leaves and to the petals. The sunflower and the daisy also share their love for sunlight; as the sunflower turns its face towards the sun, the daisy closes up at night and only opens its petals in the sun’s rays.

As April’s birth flower, the daisy is the perfect gift to send to all your friends and relatives for their special day. And as the unofficial ambassador of spring, the daisy is also the perfect flower to add to all of your spring bouquets and arrangements. They are always guaranteed to bring a carefree joy and hopeful ambiance to any room they grace. The florists at Gordon Boswell are happy to help you to choose the perfect flowers for every occasion, and to deliver them in beautiful style throughout Fort Worth.


Ideas for Using Spring Cut Flowers to Decorate Your Home

spring flowersTexans are proud of the fact that everything is bigger here, and for us, bigger also means better — in most ways. When the weather is nice, Spring in Fort Worth is magnificent. There’s always a flip side to everything. We live in an area where unpredictable weather is the norm. Spring thunderstorms and severe weather can put a real damper on our hopes of spending time outdoors. That’s why it’s so important to make our homes as appealing as our outdoor living areas are. The best way to do that is by filling your home with colorful flowers that capture the essence of the season.

Our Springtime Song arrangement is versatile enough that you can use it to brighten your home in many different ways. The short, clear oval glass vase is packed to capacity with its creative combination of flowers and accents. We chose yellow roses and tulips and combined them with green button mums and clusters of blue and yellow hydrangeas. We add grapevine accents and a decorative dragonfly for contrast and fill the vase with curly willow for a taste of rustic elegance. Use this design as a focal point on your coffee table, as a centerpiece on your dining room table, or as a dramatic accent on a console table.

spring flowersThe color purple is associated with royalty. You don’t have to be a purple lover to fall for our Perfectly Purple arrangement. This show-stopping stunner consists of a tall clear glass vase that we fill with tall stems of purple Liatris or Gayfeather, and fragrant stock, pink Stargazer lilies and roses, and hydrangeas. Use this elegant design on console tables, display shelves, on a dining room buffet, or to add a bold and dramatic accent to any room in your home.

spring flowersIf you’re like us, the first thing that pops up in your mind when thinking of spring flowers is tulips. That’s because tulips are iconic symbols of the season. Regardless of whether or not you planted any tulips on your property, you can still enjoy them in your home with our Tulip Delight arrangement. We carefully arrange tulip stems along with their leaves in a clear glass vase. We add a decorative bow for an elegant accent.

Don’t wait to decorate your home with fresh spring flowers. The Gordon Boswell floral design team is always eager to help our customers choose the most perfect seasonal flowers with which to decorate their homes.


2016 Easter Flowers

easter flowersThe Easter season expresses many traditions and symbols which originated in both Christianity and the ancient world. The religious source of Easter is manifested in Christian imagery and church services; on the same day, vividly colored eggs and generous bunny rabbits with baskets are popular icons; derived from the pagan spring festivals of ancient cultures. There is, however, a common theme between the two seemingly divergent celebrations – new life, rebirth and resurrection are celebrated in both religious and secular traditions. Spring and Easter flowers fit into this theme beautifully, as they re-bloom annually and “come back to life“ to adorn the earth with warmth and joy.

A timeless symbol of the biblical Resurrection, white lilies have signified religious Easter observances throughout the years. The lily is a magnificent emblem of Easter that has stood the test of time, and is most commonly associated with the holiday. But the white lily is not the only flower with ties to spring sentiments. Some other blooms that awaken our senses include the azalea, tulips, daffodils, hydrangea, daisies, forsythia and mums in a wide range of pastel colors and hues.

easter flowers easter flowers

Spring floral arrangements are a meaningful way to celebrate the end of winter, the beginning of sunny Fort Worth days and the excitement everyone feels at this time of year. We have renewed energy and renewed hopes – so what better way to translate those feelings than with vibrant, fresh cut flowers? To decorate a church, to adorn your Easter dinner table, or to wish a Happy Easter to friends or family – spring blooms bring a breath of fresh air into any atmosphere.

The professional florists at Gordon Boswell are committed to the delivery of gorgeous seasonal flowers, whether for Easter celebrations or simply to announce the beginning of spring. Call us today to order yours!


How to Pick the Perfect Spring Flowers

Spring flowersSpring is in the air and so is the lovely scent of springtime flowers. For cultures across the globe, springtime and the blooming of flowers symbolize hope, renewal, and rebirth. Along with the buzz of bees, warm sunshine, and longer days, the season also brings happiness and an air of lightness. At Gordon Boswell Flowers, we suggest you celebrate and revel in springtime by surrounding yourself and your loved ones with flowers of the season. Our expert florists will help you select the best spring flowers in the prettiest arrangements to bring a burst of sunshine inside.

Perhaps the flower most synonymous with springtime, when tulips begin popping up from the ground it is a sure sign that spring has arrived. Tulips grow in thousands of varieties and bloom in almost every color of the rainbow. Available in nearly every shade of pink, red, orange, yellow, blue, purple, white, and even a purple almost black, an arrangement of tulips can please anyone and complement any decor. Delivered in a six inch keepsake planter, you can send spring to your special someone with our beautiful Tulip Plant. This planter features blooming tulips bulbs in a variety of colors. The bulbs can even be planted in a garden to flower again each spring.

Spring flowers

Pretty Petal Bouquet

The bright colors and delicate pastels of the season’s flowers are also a symbol of spring. During this time of year, fashion brightens and so should your floral arrangements. Our Pretty Petal Bouquet is the perfect springtime floral design. Accented with a springtime butterfly pick, this bouquet bursts with blushing lilies, pink roses, and sunny daisies all artfully arranged in a pink splashed ceramic vase.

In addition to springtime bringing colorful flowers, it is also the time of year that welcomes us into our backyards and our neighbors into our front yards. With a nod to the outdoor pastimes of spring, our White Picket Bouquet features a white picket basket, which beautifully sets off an arrangement of roses, asters, daisies, and snapdragon blooming in the soft colors of spring.

Our professional florists are ready to help you select your favorite bouquets. Whether for Mother’s Day, a birthday, or just because our cheerful springtime floral arrangements will hit the perfect note, giving your recipient a gift he or she will truly enjoy.

Spring Flowers

White Picket Bouquet