Gordon Boswell

Floral Arrangements ‘Just Because’

Just Because Day will be here on August 27th. As much as we strive to live life with purpose, once in a while it’s great to simply act on impulse and with spontaneity, with no particular rhyme or reason at all. That’s what this day is all about. The designers at Gordon Boswell Flowers have compiled a list of ways to celebrate this whimsical day by yourself or with others – so get ready to think outside of the box and do something different – just because!

Here are some fun things to try on Just Because Day:

One of the best ways to celebrate Just Because Day is by sending flowers to someone who does not expect them. It’s special to receive flowers on a special occasion, but especially meaningful “just because”.  Our elegant Prestige, featured above, combines roses, hydrangea and mini calla lilies in a cube vase for a gorgeous presentation. What a great surprise!


One Just Because Day, feel free to throw out the rule book and just have fun! When it comes to beautiful flowers, you can trust the experts that Fort Worth residents have trusted for years. The designers at Gordon Boswell Flowers are ready to help you find and send the perfect arrangement and don’t forget – we are happy to help you to customize your own design.