Gordon Boswell

Gifts for Teachers

With a whole new school year stretching out ahead of us, you can feel the excitement. With new friends, new experiences, and a new teacher on deck, everyone is ready to get started. This year, start the new year off right by choosing one of our back to school gifts for teachers. Not only will a gift be a welcome surprise for your child’s teacher, but it is sure to let them know that you support them and look forward to a great year for your child. But what should you give? We have a few suggestions.

Our Spa Basket Collection will help any teacher to unwind after a long day of wrangling children and grading papers. With aromatic soaps, body butters and lotions, and even gourmet snacks and teas to indulge in; these gifts are sure to become teacher’s go-to when she returns home in the evenings. Make sure to browse the entire collection, as different baskets offer different items, including loofahs, bath salts and more – all of which make great gifts for teachers.

Candles have long been considered a wonderful way to relax and unwind after a stressful day. We offer a selection of beautiful candles, both standalone and in basket collections, that the teacher will love. From vintage power cases to goblet vases, these illuminating gifts come in a variety of unique varieties to fit any personality. And what better way to relax by candlelight than with a full selection of gourmet chocolates – no sharing necessary! Don’t forget to browse the website for other great gourmet food offerings, such as our delicious jams and jellies.

Of course, a floral gift is always in season at Gordon Boswell, and a sunny arrangement of summer flowers is a great way to give vacation one final nod before we run forward into the new school year in Fort Worth. Back-to-school gifts or flowers, we know that your child’s new teacher will appreciate that you cared enough to start the year off right.