Making the Dorm Room Feel Like Home

dorm room

As students pack up from summer break and begin to head off to college, the subject of dorm room decorating comes up a lot. Creating a fresh, bright living space is simple and fun when you include a few floral arrangements or blooming plants. Gordon Boswell Flowers wants to help you send them off to college in style. Shop our collection online or talk to one of our floral experts about decorating ideas for your college student’s dorm room.

While students are planning how to organize and decorate their new dorm room, consider sending a flowering plant to brighten their new space. Plants are proven to enhance concentration, attentiveness and efficiency. What a great way to start college on the right foot! Plus, plants add a fresh look to any room.dorm room

This Modern Dish Garden, shown here, contains greenery that will inspire great study habits. The variety of plants in this garden are simple to care for and will purify the air, letting your student- and you- breathe a little easier while he or she is away.

dorm room

Our Bromeliad Plant, featured above, adds color and style to any space. This is another easy-to-care-for plant, with hearty leaves and thick blooms. Small enough to keep on a desktop, this design will save space while adding beauty and life to any dorm room.

Dorm living can be stylish and fresh with a few well-placed flower or plant arrangements throughout the room. Shop modern designs by the floral experts at Gordon Boswell Flowers or come into our shop. Delivery service is always professional and friendly, both in the Fort Worth area and across the country.