Showing Administrative Professionals Your Appreciation

Administrative Professionals

There are many people in our lives that we tend to take for granted – and at work, the dedicated work of administrative professionals is often overlooked. That is, of course, until they take a day off! Truth be told, our support personnel, whether answering phones or managing databases, are the ones that keep the business running smoothly day to day, which is why having an opportunity to thank them is so important! Administrative Professionals Week has evolved over the years – and grown to encompass not only secretaries but all of the people on our team, the unsung heroes that we could not do without.

Gordon Boswell Flowers joins you in celebrating the admin pros that make the word go around, with a collection of flowers, plants, and gifts designed to thank them for all they do.  Continue reading

Floral Design Day – Meet The Designers

FDDMimimalFloral Design Day was originally imagined as a unique way to celebrate the birthday of Carl Rittner, the founder of the Rittners School of Floral Design in Boston. Recognized as both a visionary and pioneer in floral art education, Rittner helped to elevate floral design to an art form.  In 1995, Governor William F. Weld of Massachusetts, proclaimed this day as Floral Design Day, and this month we celebrate the artistic professionals who make gorgeous flowers a part of our everyday life. Continue reading

Creative Design with Wild Accents

creative design

It’s no secret that we love flowers. But more than that, the professionals at Gordon Boswell are passionate about floral design – arranging beautiful florals and unique accents to create true works of art. We turn ordinary bouquets into extraordinary displays. When celebrating special people and special occasions in Fort Worth, don’t settle for anything less than spectacular.

Creative design often incorporates wild accents and natural details to add depth, texture, and aesthetic interest. Curly willow, fall foliage, varied greens, and berries are examples of these details; even more exotic are purple kale and cabbage leaves, artichokes, and fruits and gourds. These elements draw their inspiration from the abundance of nature and from the essence of the seasonal harvest.

Roses and hydrangea are elevated with many of these details in our beautiful Autumn’s Glory arrangement, perfect for your fall dinner table.

creative design

Succulents are a popular accent, as they provide exotic geometric shape and texture. Succulents are often relegated to desert or wildflower arrangements., but actually add surprising beauty to sophisticated flowers such as roses and orchids as well.

creative design

This unexpected pairing of bright blue orchids and succulents may be our favorite creative design. When the rare and luxurious orchid is presented with the hardy and resilient succulent, the result is captivating. This is design at it’s best – the application of artistry to create something truly unique and special.

creative design

When only the very best will do, turn to the professionals at Gordon Boswell. We work diligently to create and design the most exquisite florals in Fort Worth and Benbrook, and we promise your recipient will absolutely love the results.