Whimsical Father’s Day Gifts For Dad

Father's Day gifts

Your Dad is fun, full of life, and passionate about his hobbies. He doesn’t take life too seriously, and is always looking for the bright side. Sound familiar? If so, Gordon Boswell Flowers has the perfect collection of Father’s Day gifts to surprise him and make him smile. There may be millions of Dads across Fort Worth and across the country, but only one of them is yours – and on June 18, we’d love to help you celebrate him!

Flowers for Dad: While the florist may not be the first place you think of when you think ‘Father’s Day gift’ we just may surprise you. For instance, our unique selection of flowers for him are perfectly arranged in keepsake vases and containers that he is sure to cherish. Does your Dad love baseball? Send him daisies, lilies, delphinium and carnations in a round mug he will love for years to come. Does he love adventure, or admire classic cars? Or perhaps he lives to fire up the grill on a perfect summer evening, and enjoy a great meal with his family. Whatever your dad’s hobbies and passions, chances are we have a whimsical gift that will brighten his day. Father's Day gifts

Surveys have shown that the number one thing that men really want on Fathers Day is time spent with their families. We’d love to help you to honor that wish – plan an outing to Lake Arlington, or Trinity Park along the river – and don’t forget to bring along delicious gourmet snacks and treats to share! Gordon Boswell Flowers has baskets of goodies for every dad – from fruit to chocolates to beer nuts!

Father's Day gifts Whatever you choose, you can be assured that your Father’s Day gifts will be created with love, and delivered directly to his doorstep. You won’t have to worry about a thing. This Father’s Day, show him how much you love him, with an unexpected gift from Gordon Boswell Flowers.

National Puppy Day Advocates for Awareness

National Puppy Day

95% of pet owners readily admit to buying gifts for their pets – whether birthday or Christmas, over $60 billion per year is spent on our furry friends. Obviously, pets play an important role in our lives – but not all animals experience the same level of love.

National Puppy Day is observed on March 23, and although it is at heart a celebration of the dogs, organizers also hope to promote awareness about the need for shelter adoption. Thousands of workers and volunteers are dedicating to finding homes for rescue dogs against all odds. If you are an animal lover and would like to thank these special people for all they do on behalf of the puppies, Gordon Boswell Flowers is happy to create beautiful custom floral designs they will love.
National Puppy DayThere is a huge overpopulation problem in the United States. Sadly, only 10% of the dogs born will find a permanent home – in fact, homeless animals outnumber homeless people 5 to 1. Because of the sheer number of animals that are not in homes, approximately 4 million dogs will enter shelters each year, and 1.7 million of them will be euthanized.

Did You Know? Although many think that breeders do not contribute to the overcrowding issues in the shelters, 25% of the dogs in the facilities are purebred.

Advocates say that only 10% of the animals in the shelters have been spayed or neutered. Overpopulation occurs simply due to owners letting their pets reproduce – and then they often surrender the entire litter.  Whether intentional or accidental, millions of these “excess” animals  – otherwise happy and healthy – are killed annually. National Puppy Day seeks to educate owners who already own dogs to be responsible and to encourage people looking for a new puppy to go to the shelter to quite literally save a life. National Puppy Day

On National Puppy Day, organizers ask that people consider adopting or fostering a puppy from a local Fort Worth shelter – but if that is not possible, to make a donation to help with their expenses.  On March 23rd, honor those who are dedicated to saving these adorable dogs – with flowers or plants from Gordon Boswell Flowers. 

Celebrating Mardi Gras in Fort Worth

mardi grasLouisiana is the only state that recognizes Mardi Gras as an official holiday, but that doesn’t mean that other parts of the United States do not celebrate this festive occasion. In fact, in the Fort Worth area there are events ranging from music festivals to fun runs, so be sure to look for them! If you plan on having a Mardi Gras party, you can count on the floral designers at Gordon Boswell Flowers to create the gold, green, and purple floral arrangements that will add all the celebration to your home or office. But why are those colors the official colors of Mardi Gras? Here are some fun facts about the holiday you may not have known.
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Random Acts Inspire Generosity

random actsWhile the joy of being generous can be enjoyed anytime and anywhere, there is something special about many people coming together to show deliberate kindness all on the same day. Each year, people all around the world celebrate Random Acts of Kindness Day by thoughtfully seeking ways to show simple kindness to everyone they meet. Studies have shown that the positive impact of making someone else’s day a little brighter always comes back to you – and that alone is a reason to participate! Gordon Boswell Florist loves seeing the community come together for such a great purpose. And what better way to brighten someone’s day than with flowers?

“Three things in human life are important: the first is to be kind, the second is to be kind, and the third is to be kind.” – Henry James Continue reading