The Flowers of Spring are Here

springThe changing of the seasons is always an occasion for anticipation – even here in Fort Worth, while winters are not nearly as hard as in other parts of the country. The springtime brings with it longer, sunnier days, warmer temperatures, and new occasions to celebrate! At Gordon Boswell Flowers, the advent of springtime means new flowers for us to design with – and that is something we look forward to all year.

Spring flowers are vibrant and bright, and our new creations for the season reflect all the fresh, verdant optimism of springtime! So throw open the windows, let the fresh air in, and fill your home with these exquisite seasonal flowers.  Continue reading

Floral Design Day – Meet The Designers

FDDMimimalFloral Design Day was originally imagined as a unique way to celebrate the birthday of Carl Rittner, the founder of the Rittners School of Floral Design in Boston. Recognized as both a visionary and pioneer in floral art education, Rittner helped to elevate floral design to an art form.  In 1995, Governor William F. Weld of Massachusetts, proclaimed this day as Floral Design Day, and this month we celebrate the artistic professionals who make gorgeous flowers a part of our everyday life. Continue reading

Get Well Flowers, Plants and Gifts

get well flowers

When someone we love is under the weather, we definitely want to cheer them up. Studies have shown that receiving flowers has an instant effect on our well-being and happiness, making floral bouquets a perfect choice to send to someone who is ill. Whether your friend or family member is in the hospital or sick at home, choosing beautiful plants and flowers from Gordon Boswell Flowers is a guaranteed way to make them smile.

Which flowers are right to send? If your loved one is at home, virtually any florals are appropriate, but you may wish to ask the experts as to which blooms have the least scent. If someone is not feeling well, an overwhelming fragrance may be offensive, so stay away from highly aromatic flowers – instead, choose gerbera daisies, tulips or sunflowers. They are not only low fragrance but are cheerful and easy to care for.  Continue reading

Centerpieces for Every Thanksgiving Table


In many ways, our Thanksgiving traditions are similar from family to family. It is said that nearly 90% of us will have turkey on the table, and in Fort Worth, nearly everyone will be glued to the set for the football games. Still, each family has their own special ways to celebrate, and each holiday table is a little different. Whatever your Thanksgiving style, Gordon Boswell Florist has the perfect florals for your gathering. From traditional to contemporary centerpieces, giving thanks never looked so beautiful.
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Creative Design with Wild Accents

creative design

It’s no secret that we love flowers. But more than that, the professionals at Gordon Boswell are passionate about floral design – arranging beautiful florals and unique accents to create true works of art. We turn ordinary bouquets into extraordinary displays. When celebrating special people and special occasions in Fort Worth, don’t settle for anything less than spectacular.

Creative design often incorporates wild accents and natural details to add depth, texture, and aesthetic interest. Curly willow, fall foliage, varied greens, and berries are examples of these details; even more exotic are purple kale and cabbage leaves, artichokes, and fruits and gourds. These elements draw their inspiration from the abundance of nature and from the essence of the seasonal harvest.

Roses and hydrangea are elevated with many of these details in our beautiful Autumn’s Glory arrangement, perfect for your fall dinner table.

creative design

Succulents are a popular accent, as they provide exotic geometric shape and texture. Succulents are often relegated to desert or wildflower arrangements., but actually add surprising beauty to sophisticated flowers such as roses and orchids as well.

creative design

This unexpected pairing of bright blue orchids and succulents may be our favorite creative design. When the rare and luxurious orchid is presented with the hardy and resilient succulent, the result is captivating. This is design at it’s best – the application of artistry to create something truly unique and special.

creative design

When only the very best will do, turn to the professionals at Gordon Boswell. We work diligently to create and design the most exquisite florals in Fort Worth and Benbrook, and we promise your recipient will absolutely love the results.

Celebrating Grandparent’s Day with Flowers

Celebrating Grandparent's Day

Grandparents are similar to a piece of string – handy to have around and
easily wrapped around the fingers of their grandchildren.
— Author Unknown

September 11 is Grandparent’s Day, and although it may not be the most prevalent holiday – it should be! Grandparents are such an integral part of our lives, and we love that there is a day set aside to honor and celebrate these very special family members. They are our closest friends, our secret-keepers, our personal chefs and our biggest fans. The relationship between grandchildren and their grandparents is perhaps one of the strongest bonds on earth, which is why celebrating Grandparent’s Day is so important. Gordon Boswell Florist is your partner in choosing excellent gifts for the best people in the world.

celebrating Grandparents Day

This floral design is simply named Grace, and it perfectly embodies the spirit of a grandmother. With elegance, beauty, and quiet sophistication, this arrangement will adorn her home and express to her just how much you love her. This beautiful display is available for nationwide delivery, so whether your grandparents live in the Fort Worth and Benbrook area or are across the miles, you can send grace and beauty directly from your heart to theirs.

celebrating grandparent's day


Grandpa may think those flowers are lovely and perfect for his bride – but we’ve got a few surprises for him as well! Imagine his delight if his favorite little people show up at his front door with a gourmet gift to share. Celebrating Grandparent’s Day is even more special when everyone is together. So whether he loves to cook, would prefer a basket perfect for the backyard barbecue, or a fruit basket to snack on during the game – he will love that you selected a gift just for him.

Grandparents are truly special and deserve every bit of appreciation we can give them – for their love, support, and wisdom. Call Gordon Boswell today to choose a gift for Grandparent’s Day that will perfectly express your affection.


Designer Birthday Flowers

designer birthday flowers

There are people in our lives who give us great advice, provide a shoulder to cry on and never let us down. Whether a friend, parent or colleague, their August birthday is the perfect time to express all the love and appreciation you have for them. In preparation for their big day, our talented team has been hard at work creating designer birthday flowers that represent two of the symbols of August  – the gladioli bloom and the peridot gemstone.

designer birthday flowers

The birth flower of August is the dramatic gladioli flower. This towering, impressive bloom is used to add height and color to arrangement lucky enough to showcase them. Also known as the “sword lily” , the gladiolus is said to signify strength of character and loyalty, making it the perfect choice to say “happy birthday and thank you” to those who support you throughout the year. Gladioli are available in a wide range of colors from delicate to vibrant, allowing you to personalize a birthday bouquet for each unique recipient. One of our favorite gladioli arrangements for summer is Blue Rhapsody, which not only features the birth flower, but celebrates all the joy of summer with bright, vivid hues. Roses, larkspur, and hydrangea make this a festive birthday arrangement.


Another inspiration in August is the birthstone, the peridot. This rare stone may not be as well known as some of its precious counterparts, but its striking appearance makes it special. We have created some gorgeous designs that visually represent the peridot through the use of florals, showcasing its greenish gold hue through the use of green, yellow and cream blooms. Green hydrangea, yellow snapdragons, green cymbidium orchids and Bells of Ireland are just a few of the exotic flowers that can provide your loved one with a birthstone bouquet that is as rare as the stones themselves .

This August, tell them how much they inspire you, with designer birthday flowers from Gordon Boswell.