Indoor Green Plants and Dish Gardens

indoor green plants

One of the most popular ways to transform your personal environment into a sanctuary of beauty and peace is to decorate is with beautiful green and flowering plants. And while those with green thumbs can keep our plants thriving year-round, some of us may need a little extra help. That’s okay, the experts at Gordon Boswell Flowers have the knowledge and expert advice you’ll need – not to mention, the highest quality plants in Fort Worth. Here are the highlights on just a few of our favorites.

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The Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum, shown above)
Level of Care: Low maintenance
Watering: Soil should always be lightly moist, never soaked.
Feeding: Fertilize throughout the winter, every 6 weeks.
Light Exposure: Moderate, indirect light
Miscellaneous: Re-pot each spring in fresh soil.

indoor green plants

Bromeliads (shown above)
Level of Care: Low maintenance
Watering: Fill the cup at the base of the leaves with water, remove debris and stagnant water once a week.
Feeding: Give a half-strength fertilizer during the growing season
Light Exposure: Medium to bright light
Miscellaneous: As tropical plants, bromeliads need high humidity. If necessary, set the bromeliad’s pot in a saucer of gravel filled partially with water. Make sure the roots are not submerged in the water to prevent rot. indoor green plants Gordon Boswell Flowers has a wide variety of dish gardens that showcase the freshest and most seasonal flowers. Each of these will come with their own care requirements, depending on the flowers. Because Kalanchoe and Begonia are two commonly used flowers, here are sample care instructions.

Level of Care: Low maintenance
Watering: As a succulent, this plant only needs to be watered once a week.
Light Exposure: One to two hours of direct sunlight per day, bright light otherwise
Temperature: Room temperature
Miscellaneous: Make sure container allows water to drain when watered.
Level of Care: Moderate maintenance
Watering: Let soil dry in between watering
Feeding: Fertilize with Miracle Grow or similar every 2-4 weeks.
Light Exposure: Bright light

Regardless of what type of indoor green plants – or flowering plants – that are just right for the occasion, you can trust that the professionals at Gordon Boswell Florist. Browse our site, and feel free to ask questions – we are committed to making sure that your plants thrive!