Gordon Boswell Holiday Centerpieces 2015

holiday centerpieceIf you aren’t counting the days until Christmas, we’re willing to bet that your children or grandchildren are. The holidays can be an anxious time for people, especially when your entire family is depending on you to put on a grand celebration and to do it all on a lavish scale. After all, as a self-respecting Texan, you’ve got to Texasize it. Every Texan knows that that’s just how we do things around here. You can always count on the Gordon Boswell team to help you turn your decorating vision into a reality the likes of which you’ve never dreamed.


When Texans gather with their family members, dear friends, colleagues and others to celebrate any holiday, you can be sure that they spend a lot of time around a table, feasting on all the wonderful foods that are so much a part of holiday traditions. It may not feel like a northern winter with frigid temperatures, snowy landscapes, and outdoor evergreen trees with their snow-covered needles and branches, but we still like to capture the essence of the season in our decorating at home.

holiday centerpiece

Happy Holidays Centerpiece

If you’re looking for something that’s really unique, but that doesn’t short change you on glitz and glam, our Happy Holidays Centerpiece gives you the elegance and sophistication you want for a special holiday like Christmas. We chose to use white lilies, white orchids, and dark red roses. We add gold painted pine cones, gold-colored faux berries, gold dusted preserved leaves, traditional greenery and two pillar candles in the center. One is short, the other is tall, but they’ll give you all of the drama and fanciness you hope to have for a traditional Texas Christmas gathering.

holiday centerpiece

Winter Reds

We may not experience winter in Texas the way our northern neighbors do, but we can still appreciate the warmth of winter colors such as the Winter Reds we used in this elegant centerpiece arrangement. We combine red roses, red carnations and a pinkish-red orchid with red berries and Christmas greenery to give you this sophisticated centerpiece. It wouldn’t be complete without a short bright red pillar candle in the center.


Don’t wait to get your Christmas centerpieces. Our Holiday Centerpieces are perfect for any decorating theme. Come in, call us or order your special holiday decorating flowers online today. Christmas will be here before you know it.