What to Think About When Choosing Flowers to Send for Valentine’s Day

flower meaningsThe new year has barely started but it’s already time to start thinking about Valentine’s Day. This is the perfect opportunity to show your feelings to a special person in your life. If you’re going to celebrate Valentine’s Day in Texas, then there’s only one way to do that — with a Texas-sized celebration. You can count on the Gordon Boswell team to help you choose or customize a floral arrangement that will make your loved one’s heart glow.


The most popular flowers to give someone on Valentine’s Day are lilies, orchids, roses, and tulips. Each type of flower conveys a different feeling, just as the colors of these flowers have different symbolism.

flower meanings

Pink Perfection

One way to express your feelings when they can’t be represented with a single type of flower is to combine Valentine’s Day staples. A combination of different types of flowers and flower colors can express your feelings on a more personal level. Pink Perfection combines the suggestion of love, gratitude, and appreciation that pink roses symbolize with the wealth, prosperity and abundance that are messages that orchids and Stargazer lilies express.

flower meanings

Tantalizing Tulips

If you want to make a big impression, then do it on a grand scale. Tantalizing Tulips is big and bold, the way things should be in Texas. Red tulips represent a declaration of love. White tulips symbolize purity, newness, and heaven. When you love someone but haven’t been in the relationship for very long, tulips are an excellent alternative to roses.

flower meanings


Pink roses and orchids symbolize wealth and prosperity, White lilies represent purity, majesty, and virginity. They tell someone that you think it’s heavenly to be with them. Grandiose is an arrangement that suggests your desire for to have a life that’s filled with wealth and prosperity and admiration for one another.

flower meanings


If you’re looking for something that is elegant and simple, then Blush is the perfect arrangement to give as a gift. Pink roses represent love and admiration, while pink Stargazer lilies, the floral industry celebrities, symbolize wealth, prosperity, and ambition.


Flowers are the epitome of romance. You can’t go wrong when you give someone flowers with the intention of sharing your romantic feelings. The Gordon Boswell team is experienced in helping people choose the right flowers to send someone a message using the magnificent Language of Flowers.