Designer Birthday Flowers

designer birthday flowers

There are people in our lives who give us great advice, provide a shoulder to cry on and never let us down. Whether a friend, parent or colleague, their August birthday is the perfect time to express all the love and appreciation you have for them. In preparation for their big day, our talented team has been hard at work creating designer birthday flowers that represent two of the symbols of August  – the gladioli bloom and the peridot gemstone.

designer birthday flowers

The birth flower of August is the dramatic gladioli flower. This towering, impressive bloom is used to add height and color to arrangement lucky enough to showcase them. Also known as the “sword lily” , the gladiolus is said to signify strength of character and loyalty, making it the perfect choice to say “happy birthday and thank you” to those who support you throughout the year. Gladioli are available in a wide range of colors from delicate to vibrant, allowing you to personalize a birthday bouquet for each unique recipient. One of our favorite gladioli arrangements for summer is Blue Rhapsody, which not only features the birth flower, but celebrates all the joy of summer with bright, vivid hues. Roses, larkspur, and hydrangea make this a festive birthday arrangement.


Another inspiration in August is the birthstone, the peridot. This rare stone may not be as well known as some of its precious counterparts, but its striking appearance makes it special. We have created some gorgeous designs that visually represent the peridot through the use of florals, showcasing its greenish gold hue through the use of green, yellow and cream blooms. Green hydrangea, yellow snapdragons, green cymbidium orchids and Bells of Ireland are just a few of the exotic flowers that can provide your loved one with a birthstone bouquet that is as rare as the stones themselves .

This August, tell them how much they inspire you, with designer birthday flowers from Gordon Boswell.