Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with Flowers

St. Patrick's Day

What is your favorite part of St. Patrick’s Day? From the corned beef and cabbage to the parades, from the green beer to the four leaf clovers – this is a holiday filled with whimsy and fun. And although the day barely resembles its origins as a Roman Catholic feast day to commemorate Patrick’s death, it is still a day that brings together all people under a bright green banner. After all, everyone is Irish on St. Patrick’s Day! If you are one of the diehard Irishmen who enjoy dressing up your home and office as much as you love dressing up yourself, you’ll find all of the green you are looking for, at Gordon Boswell Florist!

St. Patrick's Day

The History of the Symbolism: There are many things about St. Patrick’s Day that may surprise you, such as the origins of some of its most iconic symbolisms. For instance, did you know that Patrick was not even Irish? He was British, but was a missionary to Ireland and is credited with the Emerald Isle’s conversion to Catholicism. Here are a few other fun facts:

* Patrick is widely credited with driving all of the snakes out of Ireland. In fact, many popular pieces of artwork depict the most famous event – which never happened! Historians believe that the story likely arose from the legends of the Celtic druids who lived in Ireland when Patrick began his mission work. Their imagery included many snakes, thus when the people accepted Christianity, the “pagan snakes” were driven out.

St. Patrick's Day* Four-leaf clovers are known to bring “the luck of the Irish”. However, they are not – as many think – the representative shamrock of St. Patrick’s Day. That distinction belongs to the very common three-leaf clover stem, which Patrick used to explain the Trinity to the new believers.

You’ve Got To Be Lucky: There are approximately 10,000 three-leaf clovers for every one of the four-leaf variety.

* The keeper of the 4-leaf clover is the mythical leprechaun. This odd entry into Irish folklore is both a magical creature who can grant wishes and of all things, a shoemaker! Perhaps the cobbling of shoes is a way to make money should he lose his pot of gold.

St. Patrick's DayIt is recommended that you wear green on St. Patrick’s Day – or you may risk getting pinched! But if you want to ensure that all of your Irish friends will love you, send them some gorgeous green flowers from Gordon Boswell – your Fort Worth source to celebrate very holiday.