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Posted by gordonboswell on May 19, 2016 | Last Updated: October 8, 2020 Plants

How to Decorate for Outdoor Parties Using Flowers

outdoor partiesIn the summer time, there are few things we like better than relaxing outdoors. From casual barbecues for the neighbors to garden parties with the girls, our backyard decks and patios can be transformed into an entertainment venue with just a few tweaks.

outdoor partiesFor all except the most formal of affairs, an eclectic combination of furniture will give a relaxed vibe that your guests will love. Wicker chairs, big comfy cushions, lounge chairs – all inspire your friends to take it easy.

Flower baskets are an exceptionally easy yet beautiful way to change a standard backyard into a forest glade or summer meadow. Baskets can be placed on decks, hang from shepherd hooks or grace seating areas; and are easily shifted from sun to shade if need be. Professional Tip: Use flowers in your baskets that can later be replanted in a garden, for permanent seasonal décor.
outdoor parties

Encourage mingling by placing drinks at one station, food at another, and desserts at still another. Guests will get up and move around, and be a lot more likely to chat with different people.

If you are going to have formal tables and seating, centerpieces that embrace the ambiance of the party are a great choice. Spring wildflowers for picnics, or orchids for wedding receptions – flowers are a perfect way to set the mood.outdoor parties

Even if you are not entertaining, flowers from Gordon Boswell add gorgeous accents to patios and decks; and hanging plants can add draperies of color to a front porch, trellis or gazebo. Whatever mood you are trying to achieve, our florists are happy to help – give us a call today, and let us get to decorating!