Celebrating Fort Worth Weddings in February

Fort Worth weddings

February is National Wedding Month. That fact is surprising to some, as February is not even close to the most popular month chosen by brides and grooms – still, there are very good reasons that experts say this is a great month to celebrate weddings. When it comes to Fort Worth weddings, we have the weather to consider winter nuptials more so than our friends in the Northern states, but spring and summer events are nonetheless more commonplace.

Every year in the United States, there are approximately 2.4 million wedding ceremonies performed. Although that averages out to 6,200 weddings per day, some days are more popular than others. You can trust Gordon Boswell Flowers to provide you with gorgeous florals for your wedding no matter the day! 

Fort Worth weddings

The Month for Romance: February is the king of months when it comes to love and romance, thanks to Valentine’s Day. In fact, February 14th is known to inspire nearly 6 million proposals annually and is considered one of the most coveted days to tie the knot. Another popular day to walk down the aisle takes place in February as well, at least every 4 years. February 29th draws couples looking to have a unique story to tell about their leap year anniversary.

With so many people getting married on Valentine’s Day, there are also many anniversaries on the holiday each year – but that has resulted in a dilemma for many couples. Do you celebrate the day as one event, or two? Expert suggest observing your anniversary and Valentine’s Day separately, perhaps by celebrating Valentine’s Day with roses at breakfast, and your anniversary with lilies at dinner.

Fort Worth weddings

The most probable reason that February is known as National Wedding Month, however, comes from research conducted by the National Association of Bridal Consultants. February sees millions of couples begin their wedding planning in earnest, due to the fact that a majority of engagements happened over the Christmas and New Year’s holidays. Therefore, February sees a spike in bookings and inquiries at venues, caterers, and wedding florists. This is a great month to call Gordon Boswell Flowers, as the optimum lead time to book your wedding florist is 6-8 months in advance of your wedding. Don’t delay!

Gordon Boswell Flowers has been providing gorgeous floral designs for Fort Worth weddings since 1919. We’ve got the experience, creativity and customer service you need!