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Gordon Boswell Flowers – Floral Design Day

floral design dayOn February 28, we will honor Carl Rittners. It is not surprising if you do not recognize the name, although Mr. Rittners is well known within the floral industry. The “father of floral design” and founder of Rittners School of Floral Design in Boston; Rittners had a passion for educating people about the artistry that was possible when a florist sat down to create a floral arrangement. His influence has deeply impacted the industry in the United States; thus in 1995, National Floral Design Day was instituted in his honor.


Floral design is a true artistic discipline; professional florists are proficient in the use of color, composition, line and balance. Far from simply placing large amounts of flowers in a vase, floral design tends to exploit the usage of negative space; that is, to have the flowers isolated, existing in the space around them. Some of the most striking arrangements are minimalist in nature, showcasing a gorgeous focal bloom – which is then surrounded with a complementary cast of supporting accents; either smaller flowers, or elements such as leaves, twigs or bamboo stalks.

floral design day floral design day

Professional floral designers will often incorporate the element of surprise; that is, they make the flowers interact in an unexpected way. Whether a unique physical arrangement, a nontraditional pairing of colors, or the use of an uncommon detail, like a lotus pod or tree bark – like any true artist, the professional florist sees the possibilities of flowers that others may not see. A composition may have boundaries – it may need to fit into a certain space, or integrate into an established décor – but within those parameters, creativity is unleashed.


The professionals at Gordon Boswell are ready to create a beautiful floral masterpiece for you or your loved one. Whether you choose an arrangement from our gallery, or commission something completely different, we are passionate about our work. Although you don’t need an excuse to beautify your Fort Worth home or office with flowers, this February you can celebrate National Floral Design Day with a living work of art. Tell them Mr. Rittners inspired you,