Gordon Boswell

A Gourmet Gift Basket for Every Student

College students spend a lot of time in their dorm room, not only sleeping but writing papers, studying for exams and relaxing with roommates. What better way to let your student know that you are thinking of them than sending a beautiful gourmet basket overflowing with delicious items that they can enjoy and share? As the new year kicks off and your child settles in, these gifts from Gordon Boswell are sure to be a big hit in the dorm. Choose from one of these selections, or create your own custom gift basket based on their preferences and tastes.

With all the late night study sessions and early morning classes, a requirement for many students is a steady supply of caffeine!  The Starbucks gourmet collection comes in a decorative woven basket filled to the brim with four of the brand’s most popular blends – Sumatra, Cafe Estima blend, Blond blend and Pike’s Place roast. This gift also includes Tazo “Zen” tea, spiced chocolate biscotti and a TCHO dark chocolate bar – not to mention, the trademark white ceramic logo mug. Once the basket is empty, the student can use it to corral school supplies and keep the desk neat. Let them set up their own personal coffee house, right in their dorm room, with this gift basket that is guaranteed to be an eye-opener.

Everyone loves chocolate, and college is a great time to graduate from the traditional candy bar to a more sophisticated form of the decadent dessert. The elegant redwood gift basket features some of the most delicious chocolate available, from famed chocolate manufacturer Ghirardelli. The assortment includes a milk and caramel chocolate bar, mint chocolate squares, dark chocolate squares, chocolate truffle cookies, Bellagio hot cocoa mix, and a Masterpiece assortment of Ghirardelli chocolates.

There are only two of the many amazing and beautiful gift baskets we have to offer your college students. As they embark on this new journey, these collections are the perfect way to remind them that you still love to take care of them. Whether your student is local in Fort Worth or has traveled across the miles, these gifts from Gordon Boswell will send a hug from home.