Gordon Boswell

Gordon Boswell

Posted by gordonboswell on June 11, 2018 Flowers Love and Romance

June Is For The Sweethearts

Gordon Boswell is in the mood for love, and we’ll tell you why. June is the biggest month for marriages of all the months, which means not only are their more marriages, but more anniversaries, too. That’s a lot of glorious, gorgeous flowers, and during a season when flowers are at their fullest expression. Everything in June seems tailor-made for romantic events and ceremonies, and we’ve got those flowers to show for it.

Rosy pinks, white fluffy hydrangea, the smell of rose, the meticulous petals of the daisy (practically inviting you to a game of he loves me, he loves me not)…what could be more romantic? This is fun, festive, adoring and pretty all at once, and it’s all tagged with a sweet message. Our Love Bouquet┬ásits in a rectangular glass vase with gold stripes, giving it a modern, elegant feel and also the sense that each flower has been placed carefully.

Let us help you find your way to some beautiful flowers to offer your sweetie to celebrate your enduring marriage. There’s no better tribute to the life and beauty you’ve created together than a floral piece that reflects the same.