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Posted by gordonboswell on November 9, 2015 | Last Updated: November 3, 2020 Flowers Holidays

Make a Commitment to Work for Peace on World Peace Day

World Peace Day is always observed on November 17. It isn’t connected with the International Peace Day holiday that’s celebrated on September 21. Don Morris, who is euphemistically known as the “Peaceguy,” came up with the idea for peace day because he wanted people to take time out of their busy schedules and to do something nice for someone else. Morris wanted to encourage people to make a personal commitment to work for peace. Beyond that, he wanted people to look into their hearts and to face their prejudices for what they are.

One of the main ways to observe World Peace Day is by driving with your headlights on. The World Peace Day website explains that having your headlights on is a way for everyone who is observing the day and showing their support, to show solidarity for other drivers who are doing the same thing.

Another thing that Morris encourages people to do is fold origami cranes. The idea is to place them in public places in honor of World Peace Day and to remind other people to find ways to show their commitment to nonviolence.

Do you have an elderly relative who lives in a nursing home? Have you ever been quick to judge people who are sick, or who have disabilities? World Peace Day gives you the perfect opportunity to do something to make another person feel better, or to let them know that someone really does care about them. And while you are at it, bring them a gift of a flowering plant or a special flower arrangement.

We’ve come up with some ideas to help you go out of your way to make someone’s day. Think of it as your way of making a personal commitment to work for peace.

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Blooming Peace Lily

Our Butterfly Garden Basket is a delightful combination of green and flowering plants. A Peace Lily towers over Ivy, kalanchoe and azaleas. An Anthurium adds a touch of exoticism to this unique indoor garden that’s perfect for a nursing home room, or to brighten an office.

A Blooming Peace Lily is a no-maintenance houseplant. It doesn’t require specialized conditions, but the recipient will get a lot of joy from the contrast of beautiful big white flowers against the large shiny dark green leaves.

Sweetness is a warm and cheerful flower arrangement that’s the perfect accent for a hospital or nursing home bedside table. It is filled with carnations, alstroemeria, daisies and wax flowers. The bubble bowl ensures that the flowers are the focal point of the design.

Let the Gordon Boswell floral design experts help you choose a plant or combination of plants, or create an arrangement for someone you want to honor on World Peace Day.