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Posted by gordonboswell on February 4, 2015 | Last Updated: December 29, 2020 Valentine's Day

Send Something Different for Valentine’s Day

shutterstock_123839782When you want to give a gift that shows you care for Valentine’s Day, what do you think about giving? For many people, the natural choice is roses. However, roses are not the only gift you can give for this big occasion. This year, before you send the same old roses, why not look over some of the other cool options available here at Gordon Boswell? We offer so many choices—you may decide that roses are not the answer after all!

  • Gourmet Baskets – Instead of flowers, what about food? Everyone likes a yummy treat! Whether you choose coffee, cookies, crackers, or another type of gourmet treat, one of the gift baskets available at Gordon Boswell makes a great way to say I love you! These are an excellent alternative to flowers, especially for men who may prefer a gift that is a little more manly than roses.


  • Balloons – Choosing a balloon bouquet instead of or in addition to a floral bouquet is a fun way to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Balloons are beautiful and make a bold statement. Today’s Mylar balloons are long-lasting and come in a variety of prints and designs.


  • Stuffed Animals – If you can’t be there for the big day to hug your loved one, a stuffed animal is a huggable choice. We offer a few options at Gordon Boswell, or if you have something special picked out, you can bring it in the store and we can incorporate it into a floral bouquet. Or accompany a cuddly bear alongside roses and chocolates!


  • Other Flowers – Plenty of other flowers can be just as romantic as roses. Think about lilies, tulips, and daisies—to name a few. Moving beyond roses means that you are creative and unique—something that your loved one is sure to appreciate. Or you can always combine the classic rose with one of these other romantic flowers.

While these options are excellent, they are far from the only floral and non-floral gifts we offer. Give us a call, check out our website, or come into the store itself and see what we have available. You will quickly realize that today there are more Valentine’s Day gift ideas available than ever before. You can impress your loved one with your creativity and put a smile on his or her face.