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Things to Know About Tulips

More than any other flower in a flower arrangement, the tulip is the flower of spring. While it may not be the very first to bloom in the yards of people across Fort Worth, it is one of the earliest blooms to flower that works well in a floral arrangement. If you are shopping for a flower to deliver to someone this spring, whether for Easter or “just because,” do not neglect to consider the beautiful tulip.

The Hoister of the Tulip

Tip Toe Through the Tulips

While the tulip is often associated with the Netherlands, it first became popular during the Ottoman Empire in modern Turkey. Sultan Suleiman I, who reigned until 1566, took great pride in cultivating the blooms. From 1703 to 1730, the reign of Ahmed III, a period known as the “Age of the Tulips,” the flower became a symbol of wealth and prestige. The flowers were strictly guarded, with the rulers making it illegal to buy or sell the blooms outside the capital.

So how did the Tulip become known as the flower of the Dutch? The bulbs made the journey to Prague in the second half of the 16th century, then moving to the Netherlands with Clusius, the official gardener of Prague, who fled to the Netherlands for religious sanctuary.

Over time the flowers grew from a hobby for the very rich to something the country was known for, as the general population become obsessed with the flowers. As Dutch people migrated around the world in the 17th and 18th centuries, they took the bulbs with them. Today, the colorful flowers can be found in most parts of the world, and they continue to be a graceful addition to spring floral arrangements and gardens in many parts of the globe.

The Symbolism of the Tulip

The tulip, like the rose, is considered symbolic. Colors, like yellow for cheerfulness and red for love, have meaning. The flower is also considered the 11th wedding anniversary flower, with the black center representing the heart darkened by passion.

Tulip Delight

Choosing Tulip Arrangements

If you feel that tulips would be a good option for your next floral arrangement purchase, Gordon Boswell has several options for you t consider. Tulip Delight is a good choice if you wish to just have tulips, and no other flowers, in your arrangement.

You can also choose to pair the tulip with other beautiful flowers, such as the blue hydrangeas in Tip Toe Through the Tulips. This provides a pleasing contrast while still allowing the tulip to be the central focus.

No matter which arrangement you choose, trust Gordon Boswell to deliver beautiful, fresh flowers whenever you need them. Find your spring arrangements at Gordon Boswell today!