Springtime & Easter Floral Designs

Easter Floral Designs

Is there anything more symbolic of spring than fresh flowers? Even more so, floral arrangements are the perfect gift for the Easter season, as they represent renewal, hope, and new beginnings. At Gordon Boswell Flowers, we love arranging the amazing colors, textures, and aesthetics of springtime – this year, consider decorating your home or office with Easter floral designs that will deliver all the sunshine!

Did You Know? Easter recounts the Christian tradition of the Resurrection, which took place in a flower garden. The Easter lily, representative of hope and new life, is closely associated with the holiday and is often used as decor in churches and at faith-based services on Easter Sunday. Easter Floral Designs

When arranging flowers for Easter, the brighter the better! Colors that reflect the beauty of nature are always appropriate – we love the contrasts of bright sunflowers with green mums and white daisies, as well as bold blues from the hydrangea, delphinium, or iris. Of course, you can never go wrong with roses, lilies, orchids, and spring tulips in vivid pinks, oranges, and yellows.

Easter Floral Designs

A Delicious Tradition: By a long shot, our favorite Easter candy is the chocolate bunny. Retailers tell us that they will sell over 90 million of them this holiday. And it turns out that most of us consume them in the same way – 76% of people admit to eating them “ears first”!

Easter Floral DesignsLike the Easter Bunny himself, Gordon Boswell Flowers will deliver throughout the greater Fort Worth area. But unlike the bunny, we don’t have to wait until Easter Sunday. Give us a call today to order your favorite Easter floral designs and gifts. Easter Sunday is April 16th, and will be here before you know it!