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Here’s What To Focus on For Homecoming Flowers

It’s homecoming season! As you prepare for the dance, and your date, you may find yourself wondering how this event got its start. Here’s what you need to know about homecoming and why it’s such a big deal.

The History of Homecoming

Homecoming is a time for schools and their students to come together to celebrate everything they love about their school. It’s typically centered around a football game, but includes parties, dances, parades and crowning a king and queen. The name “homecoming” comes from the fact that homecoming is also a time that alumni are traditionally welcomed back to campus to enjoy the festivities, so they are coming “home.” In many communities, homecoming becomes an all-encompassing event, with much of the town participating.

Today, homecoming is largely a high school event, but this hasn’t always been the case. Its origins are in the college scene, with both the University of Missouri and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign claiming the tradition in the early 1900s. over the years it has evolved into a social event at the high school level, although some colleges still have one as well.

At the center of the social part of homecoming is the homecoming dance. This is an excellent time to ask someone out on a date. Whether you are taking a guy or a girl to homecoming, it’s part of the tradition to buy flowers.

Homecoming Flower Ideas

Because homecoming flowers are worn to the homecoming dance, they are traditioanlly flowers that can be worn. This protects your date from having to carry around flowers during the dance.

If you are taking a lady to homecoming, consider a delicate wrist corsage. Homecoming tradition dictates that you choose flowers that will coordinate with your date’s outfit, so find out what color she is wearing ahead of time if you can. The delicate cymbidium orchid corsage will match most dresses and is a beautiful addition to the outfit.

For guys, a coordinating boutonniere is the traditional gift. This is pinned to the chest of the shirt or the lapel if a jacket is worn. The dendrobium white orchid or the sweetheart spray white rose are both excellent choices.

If you prefer to give the gift of cut flowers, consider delivering them to your date’s home, not bringing them to the dance. This will allow your date to enjoy them, without having to keep track of them on the dance floor. The colorful Blooming Lilies bouquet is ideal for this fall event, or you can choose another fall favorite, the Gerber Daisy Vase.

No matter which flowers you choose, flower are the ideal homecoming gift option. So find yourself a homecoming date today, and invest in some flowers to make your evening truly memorable.

You can also go all-out and make your homecoming memorable with flowers the way we do in Texas!

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