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Encourage College Students With 5 Back-to-School Gifts

Send Great Gifts To Your Campus Bound Loved One

College students are headed back to campus soon! This is an exciting time in a student’s life when they become a little more grown-up with a lot more responsibility. Set them up for success and encourage them along the way with a welcome back-to-school gift. Show you care about them and encourage them with practical gifts that are also thoughtful. At Gordon Boswell Flowers, we’ve come up with some great back-to-school gifts to encourage your college student. 

Gifts That Show Care

unique bouquet crafted with roses, sunflowers, and orchids


A Special Delivery Receiving something special sent directly to students is a big deal in college. Encourage your college student with flowers or a plant design that says, “I know you can do it!” They’ll be delighted and rest easy knowing you’re in their corner.


Send them off to class their first week of school with Bright Beginnings in mind. This design features a beautiful mix of sunflowers, birds of paradise, roses and more in a slim, leaf-wrapped glass cylinder. What a bright way to start the semester!



dish garden accented with beautiful flowers


A fresh Basket of Blooms delivers more than just a fresh, leafy dish garden. These blooming indoor plants bring air-purifying greens and fresh aromas to any dorm or college apartment. Long-lasting and easy to care for, your student will love adding a bit of nature to their living space.


fruits and azaleas in beautiful picnic basket - gift basket

Keep them eating healthy with a gorgeous Fruit & Flowers basket! Fill their tummies and their hearts when you send this gorgeous wicker basket full of fresh fruit and a long-lasting hot pink azalea plant. Plus, the basket can be re-purposed for extra storage later.

Other Great Gifts

Bike Parking can be an expensive frustration on most college campuses. Gift your student with a bike and you’ll reduce their expenses as well as help them get across campus quickly and easily. Plus they’ll burn a few calories in between classes as well!

Laundry Accessories No one likes doing laundry, but when you have all the right accessories, laundry does become a little bit easier. Set your student up for laundry success with a sturdy basket or laundry bag and other accessories. A drying rack, storage, hangers and even reusable dryer balls can be extremely helpful. Plus, they’re a lot more likely to get their laundry done if it’s an easy job to do!

Gas/Grocery Gift Cards Students live on a tight budget at college. Help them out with their daily expenses when you gift them with gas and grocery gift cards. They’ll appreciate the financial help and you might see them come home from college more often. 

Noise-Cancelling Headphones Finding a quiet place to study on campus can be a challenge. With noise-cancelling headphones, students can study anywhere and without distraction.

Above all else, make sure your student knows how much you love them and miss them and want to support them. The gifts you send will be encouragement. So, let them know you’re thinking of them and have their best interest at heart. For more great gift ideas for college students talk to the designers at Gordon Boswell Floral. We will be happy to help you come up with ideas or select a great gift for your student.