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Gordon Boswell

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National Boss’s Day Flowers

National Boss’s Day is almost here; each year, it’s celebrated on October 16 in the U.S. The holiday was first established in our country in 1962 and has been growing in popularity ever since. (Some workplaces even celebrate “National Boss’s Week.”) The holiday contributes to improved employer-employee relationships. It’s an opportunity for workers to show gratitude and appreciation to those bosses who are truly a pleasure to work for.

If you like and appreciate your boss or manager, why not take the time to show them? (Even if you don’t, maybe it’s time to shift the energy around the workplace?) Flowers are an ideal way to express gratitude and respect. Consider these flower gift-giving ideas for National Boss’s Day:

Celebrate the Fall Season

By mid-October, autumn is in its full glory. In the spirit of the season, an autumn arrangement can be the perfect way to celebrate National Boss’s Day. Flowers that exude autumn radiance include sunflowers, daisies, yellow or orange asters, or just about any flower in gold, rust or red tones. A Field Picked Autumn Bouquet combines gerbera daisies, orange roses and other golden fall blooms. The Garden Bloom Autumn Bouquet combines sunflowers and an abundance of other perfect fall colors.

Adding Elegance with Lilies

The lily makes one of the boldest statements a cut flower can make. If your boss has really gone above and beyond this year, consider sending them a bouquet of Enchanting Stargazer Lilies; or knock them off their feet with A Perfect Day bouquet, an unforgettable display of vibrant stargazer lilies, hot pink gerbera daisies, orange spray roses, yellow alstroemeria, and blue hydrangea in a glass vase.

Exotic Orchids

The unique orchid brings a special feel and exotic beauty to any setting. It’s also a symbol of wisdom, power and integrity.  A Magestic Orchid offers a stunning display of cymbidium orchids plus freesia and other tropical greenery. Birds in Paradise combines vibrant purple dendrobium orchids with lush greens and birds in paradise flowers.

A Bit of Greenery

If your boss isn’t into flowers but could use a bit of greenery around the office, green plants can be the perfect National Boss’s Day gift. The Arbicola Plant is a lush way to dress up any office space with cheerful, shiny dark green leaves. The Bromeliad Plant is hardy and easy to care for and its greenery is accented with purple and burgundy hues.

If you’re lucky enough to have a boss you like, National Boss’s Day is the perfect time to show your appreciation. If not, maybe it’s time to extend an olive branch? Flowers show thoughtfulness, and you can let your boss know they’re respected and appreciated. These flower and greenery ideas are just a start; use them as inspiration when selecting the perfect gift for your boss this Boss’s Day.