Fun and fragrant lilies in a variety of unique arrangements.

Favorites in Lilies

Fun and fragrant, lilies are some of our most popular flowers. Shop elegant calla lilies or super stargazer lilies in a mixed bouquet designed to delight your friend, employee, or loved one. Same-day delivery available to Fort Worth and cities nationwide backed by our satisfaction guarantee. 

Sending lilies from Gordon Boswell Flowers in Fort Worth, Texas is a magnificent way to convey a message of beauty, elegance, and admiration. Gordon Boswell Flowers has mastered the art of working with lilies, creating breathtaking arrangements that leave a lasting impression.

Lilies are known for their striking appearance and captivating fragrance, and Gordon Boswell Flowers sources only the finest lilies to ensure your gift is nothing short of extraordinary. Whether you choose the regal and fragrant Stargazer lilies, the classic and graceful white lilies, or any other variety from their extensive selection, you can trust that each bloom will be fresh and meticulously arranged.

What makes sending lilies from Gordon Boswell Flowers such a brilliant idea is their versatility. Lilies can convey a range of emotions, from expressing deep admiration to offering condolences in times of sympathy. Their timeless beauty also makes them suitable for various occasions, such as anniversaries, weddings, or simply as a gesture of appreciation. The team at Gordon Boswell Flowers understands the significance of lilies in the language of flowers, and they can help you select the perfect arrangement to convey your sentiments. Sending lilies is not just a gift; it's a meaningful and sophisticated way to make someone's day more special in Fort Worth and beyond.