Our History

A Legacy Luxury Florist

In 1919, Gordon Boswell opened his namesake shop, which would become a Fort Worth, TX, institution over the course of a century. Mr. Boswell's house was situated in the city's hospital district, with the flower shop just next door, where it remains today. Boswell's location allowed him to serve a community experiencing some of the most meaningful and transformative events of their lives, helping them commemorate those moments through flowers.

Boswell's son-in-law, Felix Ankele, eventually took over the business, propelling it into its glory days. His efforts wouldn't be the last. Ankele's four daughters all worked at Gordon Boswell at one time or another, marking the third generation of Boswells to contribute to the operation's success. Daughter Martha Dean White ran the company from 2003-2010, with youngest daughter Nancy taking over in 2010.

In 2019, Gordon Boswell celebrated its 100th year of serving the Fort Worth community, and we couldn't be prouder. Our personal centennial has been earned over decades of providing our neighbors with singular floral designs of the highest-quality flowers. We're the premium luxury florist you've turned to for decades, and we plan to stay that way.