Green Plants

Peace lily plants, succulents and lush ferns make great selections for the home or office.

Favorites in Green Plants

Easy to care for lush green plants make a great gift for a home, office or any special occasion. Gordon Boswell offers same-day delivery to Fort Worth, Hurst, Dallas, surrounding areas, or nationwide. Satisfaction is guaranteed on all green plant deliveries from Gordon Boswell Florist of Fort Worth. 

Sending green plants from Gordon Boswell Flowers in Fort Worth, Texas is a timeless and thoughtful gesture that brings a touch of nature and tranquility into the lives of your loved ones. Gordon Boswell Flowers, renowned for their exceptional floral arrangements, offers a diverse selection of lush green plants that make for perfect gifts for various occasions. Whether you're congratulating someone on a new job, expressing sympathy, or simply brightening up a living space, their green plant offerings are a symbol of growth, hope, and enduring beauty.

What sets Gordon Boswell Flowers apart is their dedication to providing top-quality green plants. Each plant is carefully chosen and potted, ensuring it arrives in optimal condition and is easy to care for. From classic options like peace lilies and snake plants to unique varieties like bonsai trees and succulents, their collection caters to a wide range of preferences. Sending a green plant from Gordon Boswell Flowers is not just a present; it's a lasting reminder of your care and thoughtfulness. Green plants are known for their air-purifying qualities and their ability to create a soothing atmosphere, making them a meaningful and enduring gift that can be cherished for years to come. So, whether you're celebrating a special milestone or simply want to show you care, let Fort Worth's finest florists assist you in sending the gift of greenery to brighten someone's day.