Contemporary Modern Floral Designs

Dazzle and impress with these chic bouquets.

Favorites in Contemporary Designs

Looking for something chic and unique? Send her one of these modern European flower arrangements. Featuring high-style cube designs, unique floral accents, and less common flower varieties, they are sure to dazzle and impress no matter the occasion! Browse our wide selection of stunning floral designs of both contemporary and modern designs or call us directly to create a custom order of your own.



Contemporary flower designs and modern floral arrangements are terms used fairly interchangeably. Modern floral design describes an open, minimalist design, inspired by the mid-century look of the 1950s. Contemporary means “of the moment”, which means that contemporary describes the en vogue floral design of the moment. At this time, modern floral design is very popular. With stunning architectural features, and bold floral choices, modern and contemporary can be used interchangeably, for now.

Modern floral design features minimalistic elegance, which can provide a breath of fresh air by reducing visual clutter. Visual excitement is created through clever placement, geometrically fascinating flower choice, and an absolute epitome of taste. People enjoy this trendy form of flower design.

Gordon Boswell uses a team of expert floral designers and draw from our network of growers to provide to brightest and best flowers for your contemporary floral arrangement. We are devoted to our reputation as the purveyor of luxury flowers in the Fort Worth - Dallas area. We are always here for you.

Flowers are everyone’s favorite gift. Whether you enjoy the clean and simple designs in contemporary flowers or are looking for something more traditional. Chose a flower that matches with the recipient.

Gordon Boswell is proud to serve the greater Fort Worth-Dallas area. We offer same-day delivery on every day that we are open and not at capacity. We reach capacity most often on holidays like Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day. Order early to ensure delivery on your chosen day, or stop by the shop.