Celebrate The Best Boss in Fort Worth

best boss

If you have ever had a great boss – or if you have one now – you can attest to the fact that enjoying your work just makes life better. October 16 is National Boss’s Day, and is the perfect opportunity to tell your boss how much you appreciate his or her support, encouragement and guidance.

Gordon Boswell Florist is Fort Worth’s premiere florist. We are the first place you should call for gifts for all occasions, including to convey your gratitude to the best boss you’ve ever had. . 

best bossGreen and blooming plants are excellent choices for any office environment, as they will blend beautifully into most decor. Not only that, but they are long lasting and will add style to your workplace for months to come.

We love tropical bromeliads (shown above) which are colorful additions to a business environment. If your boss takes responsibility and shares accolades; or if they encourage you to learn more and work for promotion – how about sending this exotic plant?

Cymbidium orchids (shown below) infuse sophistication and elegance into any corporate environment. If your boss encourages you to take risks; if your boss creates a positive and dynamic environment for you to thrive in every day – you may wish to choose this unique design.

best boss

Experts tell us that most adults will spend between 30% and 35% of their waking hours in the workplace – so if your boss is the best boss you’ve ever had, let them know that you appreciate them, with a gift from Gordon Boswell Florist.