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Long-Distance Relationship Gifts That Will Grow Your Love

Being in a long-distance relationship (LDR) requires more than the average gift. In fact, to keep the flames burning, an LDR gift needs to thoughtful, and just right for your other half and yourself to remain deeply in love with each other. Here at Gordon Boswell, the best florist in Fort Worth, love and romance is our business and we have listed for you some of the best types of long-distance relationship gifts to keep the bond strong.

Romantic Gifts for Long-Distance Couples

Bond Touch Bracelets - image from Bondtouch

Touch Bracelets

For a subtle yet powerful way to let your other half know you are on their mind, get a pair of Touch Bracelets for you each to wear. When they are in your thoughts and you want to “touch” your sweetheart, just touch your bracelet and they will feel it. A sequence of vibrations and colors will let them know immediately you are thinking about them at that very moment. It is a wonderfully sweet and secret way to touch each other and stay close throughout the day.

Plush Doggo

Plush Doggo

When you are not there to snuggle with your soul mate, a Plush Doggo is a perfect stand-in. These cute soft and plush animals are great for hugging and snuggling. Every time your sweetie cuddles up with this cute plushie, she’ll be comforted, happy, and thinking of you.

A stunning modern arrangement featuring one dozen orange bi-color roses and fresh yellow cymbidium orchids


Roses grow in a wide range of colors, each with its own unique meaning. Red roses, for example, symbolize deep love and romance, which is why it is the favored flower color for Valentine’s Day. For the rest of the year, though, pick a different color or mix of colors to send you true love, like our Aloha Sunset arrangement with bi-color yellow and oranges roses orchids.

photo book open to page of couple on beach

Photo Book

Put your favorite moments as a couple together in a convenient photo book and send it to your boo so they can look at it whenever they’re missing you. Sites like Shutterfly are terrific for creating customized books. Easily upload your photos, then edit, organize, add text and graphics until you’re done. Photo books are great for documenting romantic trips too.

Smiley faced mugs with heart

Customized Coffee Mug

If both you and your sweetie enjoy a coffee or hot tea each morning, make this tradition something you can still share with your partner by using customized coffee mugs cup to keep you in each other’s thoughts. The warm feelings you’ll experience each morning won’t just be from the hot beverage.

 elegant, eye-pleasing arrangement of low-maintenance succulent plants. Presented in a brown bamboo container, the plants are accented with smooth river rocks and natural river canes of bambo


Plants make great gifts – they provide a variety of health benefits, like purifying indoor air, freshening up any space, and lifting spirits. A plant can also be a representation of your relationship since it needs nurturing, feeding, and care to thrive, just like your LDR does. If you think your partner might not have a green thumb, just select a hard-to-kill plant.

The solution to successfully maintaining a long-distance relationship is to send gifts from the heart that also appeal to your partner. Plus, it is essential to send gifts frequently to keep the passion high. If you are ever unsure what type of gift to send your partner, just think flowers! No one ever gets tired of getting flowers – ever! Fresh seasonal flowers are a fabulous gift loved by anybody, any day, anytime.