Share Appreciation on Valentine’s Day

While Valentine’s Day is typically associated with love and romance, it can also be a great time to show your love and appreciation to all of the special people in your life. Your mom and your sister know you better than anybody else and are wonderful people in your life. Take this opportunity to show them how much you love them and thank them for how much they help you with a beautiful floral design on Valentine’s Day. The floral experts at Gordon Boswell Flowers are putting together some beautiful floral arrangements specifically with Valentine’s Day in mind.

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Unique Valentine’s Day Flowers

As Valentine’s Day approaches, we like to think about the unique way you can share your feelings with your special someone or loved ones this season. Gifts, jewelry, teddy bears and heart-shaped cards are always in order, as well as a beautiful bouquet of her favorite flowers. Different flowers communicate different meanings, so choose wisely. Find something that lets her know exactly how you feel about her. The floral experts at Gordon Boswell Flowers will be happy to help you choose a beautiful arrangement that says exactly what you mean.

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Custom Crafted Designs That Wow

Our talented team of floral designers here at Gordon Boswell are constantly looking ahead to the next creative challenge. When they get the opportunity to customize arrangements, they eagerly accept them, thrilled to work within your specifications or to create something on their own that will blow you away. Every occasion that calls for a custom bouquet is different, but we know that each scenario is filled with emotion, and we try to reflect that emotion in the pieces we craft for you.

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A Valentine’s Gift That’s A Cut Above The Rest

This Valentine’s Day, get yourself some roses that go a step beyond the usual in both color and container, and jazz up February 14th for someone special.

We tend to think of our romantic roses in one way only – a dozen long red stems rocketing from a simple vase – but there’s so much more variety in the floral landscape than that. V-Day roses, like so many things, have become modernized, and we here at Gordon Boswell are right in line with that trend.

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Share the Valentine’s Day Love with Everyone

Valentine's Day love

Valentine’s Day is a day set aside for love of all kinds. While many will celebrate their romance, many people across Fort Worth will be telling family, friends, and colleagues just how special they are as well. If you have a life full of people that mean the world to you, this is the day to show them – and Gordon Boswell Flowers has all the bouquets, arrangements, and gifts that will spread the Valentine’s Day love.

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Valentine’s Flowers Shared from the Heart

Valentine's flowersValentine’s Day is all about celebrating the special love in our life. Everyone’s adventure is different, and everyone has their own story. This February 14th, let your Valentine’s flowers convey everything that makes your love story unique, with a bouquet or arrangement from Gordon Boswell Flowers. We have been providing the flowers to Fort Worth romantics for nearly 100 years, and we have seen quite a bit of love along the way.

If you are looking for Valentine’s flowers that express just how amazing your love story is, we have some inspiration for you. Everyone knows that long-stemmed red roses are the traditional flower of the day, but sometimes you may prefer a bit of creativity when it comes time to choosing the perfect bouquet.  Continue reading

Gordon Boswell Florists- Valentine’s Day for Everyone

valentine's dayValentine’s Day is all about sending your love – across Fort Wroth or across the miles. Given that this day gives us the opportunity to tell everyone in our lives that we love them, Gordon Boswell Florists has beautiful bouquets that are appropriate for all the different kinds of affection that we celebrate!


She makes you laugh, she joins in on your crazy ideas, and she sits for hours listening to you if you are having a hard day. She has been by your side for years and never misses a coffee date – so doesn’t your sister deserve a reminder of how awesome she is? Send her an expression of love that will brighten her day – and she’ll also have a new coffee mug for the next few decades of sisterhood.



There’s never a time that Mom doesn’t have your back. She’ ll love you, cry with you or fight for you; from the moment you entered this world, your Mom has been your greatest fan and your fiercest protector; all while being the most beautiful woman you know. Send her your undying love in this extravagant arrangement in pink, with lilies, roses, peonies, hydrangea and orchids. She deserves the very best, and this is it.


Did You Know? The color pink represents pure love, sweet affection and deep gratitude.

valentine's day valentine's day


For the young – or the young at heart – this cuddly plush teddy comes bearing a gift of three roses perfect to send to your daughter, regardless of if she is in grade school or away at college! For anyone who should know that they have stolen your heart, choose the correct rose color for the recipient – red for true love, pink for innocent affection or yellow for friendship.



When you order your sweetheart’s flowers for Valentine’s Day, don’t stop there! Remember all the special people in your life, and show them just how much they are loved. Gordon Boswell Florists has a wide selection of pre-designed arrangements, or you can stop into our Fort Worth shops to create your own – but hurry, because Valentine’s will be here before you know it!

Gordon Boswell Valentine’s Day Flowers

valentine's day flowersAt Gordon Boswell Flowers, we have a wide variety of Valentine’s Day flowers that will stand out from the crowd and prove to your loved one that they are special and unique. Another sure way to get your loved ones attention is to be the first one to wish them a very Happy Valentine’s Day!

Send a beautiful floral arrangement a few days early, with a scheduled delivery on Friday, February 12th, Everyone loves receiving flowers unexpectedly, and especially at work! By delivering your gift early, not only will you will beat the rush, but your loved ones will have the flowers to enjoy for a few more days – and this gesture of affection is sure to get your romantic weekend off to a great start.

valentine's day flowers

If she loves red roses, how about adding elegant white calla lilies or exotic stargazer lilies for an added touch of beauty? These sophisticated florals take red roses to a whole new level, making them perfect Valentine’s Day flowers.

valentine's day flowers

For an uncommon gift that will impress your friend or loved one, Tantalizing Tulips is an extraordinary display, delivering 50 red and white tulips. This rare bouquet brings the atmosphere of spring inside, with the clear vase and tumbled rocks adding to the view.

valentine's day flowers

For something completely different, and appropriate for family members and best friends – Pink Perfection combines some of the most beautiful flowers in our shop for a stunning Valentine’s bouquet. Pink roses, which symbolize affection are joined by orchids, lilies and hydrangea for a lavish arrangement that will look great in their home of office.


Call Gordon Boswell Flowers to make sure that the flowers you want are available, order early, then sit back and enjoy their reaction when they receive their Valentine’s Day flowers!

What to Think About When Choosing Flowers to Send for Valentine’s Day

flower meaningsThe new year has barely started but it’s already time to start thinking about Valentine’s Day. This is the perfect opportunity to show your feelings to a special person in your life. If you’re going to celebrate Valentine’s Day in Texas, then there’s only one way to do that — with a Texas-sized celebration. You can count on the Gordon Boswell team to help you choose or customize a floral arrangement that will make your loved one’s heart glow.


The most popular flowers to give someone on Valentine’s Day are lilies, orchids, roses, and tulips. Each type of flower conveys a different feeling, just as the colors of these flowers have different symbolism.

flower meanings

Pink Perfection

One way to express your feelings when they can’t be represented with a single type of flower is to combine Valentine’s Day staples. A combination of different types of flowers and flower colors can express your feelings on a more personal level. Pink Perfection combines the suggestion of love, gratitude, and appreciation that pink roses symbolize with the wealth, prosperity and abundance that are messages that orchids and Stargazer lilies express.

flower meanings

Tantalizing Tulips

If you want to make a big impression, then do it on a grand scale. Tantalizing Tulips is big and bold, the way things should be in Texas. Red tulips represent a declaration of love. White tulips symbolize purity, newness, and heaven. When you love someone but haven’t been in the relationship for very long, tulips are an excellent alternative to roses.

flower meanings


Pink roses and orchids symbolize wealth and prosperity, White lilies represent purity, majesty, and virginity. They tell someone that you think it’s heavenly to be with them. Grandiose is an arrangement that suggests your desire for to have a life that’s filled with wealth and prosperity and admiration for one another.

flower meanings


If you’re looking for something that is elegant and simple, then Blush is the perfect arrangement to give as a gift. Pink roses represent love and admiration, while pink Stargazer lilies, the floral industry celebrities, symbolize wealth, prosperity, and ambition.


Flowers are the epitome of romance. You can’t go wrong when you give someone flowers with the intention of sharing your romantic feelings. The Gordon Boswell team is experienced in helping people choose the right flowers to send someone a message using the magnificent Language of Flowers.

Sending the Perfect Message with the Right Color of Roses

Sending the Perfect Message with the Right Color of RosesAny flower can convey beauty and rich emotion, but the rose is in a category all its own. The classic symbol of love, the rose is an ideal flower to send for Valentine’s Day, Anniversaries or whenever you want to convey love on any level. While red roses have traditionally signified romantic love and passion, roses come in a rainbow of different additional colors to delight the senses. Here are some of the alternate rose colors (besides red) along with their meaning and symbolism:

Pink roses. The pink rose symbolizes feminine elegance, class and refinement, but its meaning can vary along with the specific hue. Light pink exudes grace, admiration and happiness, while deep pinks convey warmth and gratitude.

White Roses. The white rose is often associated with weddings, young love, innocence and purity. When you send a bouquet of white roses, this gesture exudes truth, reverence, unconditional love and pure intentions.

Yellow roses. Yellow roses bring a sunny vibe to any relationship and are the perfect color to send to friends and colleagues to brighten their day. Yellow roses exude joy, a caring spirit, warmth and appreciation.

Orange roses. With their warm, pleasant and vibrant hues, orange-colored roses send a message of both desire and enthusiasm. If you feel that heady mix of attraction and admiration for someone, a bouquet of orange roses is the perfect way to let them know.

Purple roses. Lilac and purple-colored roses have a magical, enchanting quality. Deeper violet roses have a regal, royal vibe, while medium-toned purple roses convey desire, respect and “love at first sight.” By contrast, light purple roses have a gentler, more spiritual connotation. Why not send purple roses to your secret crush on Valentine’s Day?
valentines day multi-color roses
A multi-colored rose bouquet. If you can’t decide on just one color of rose, consider sending a multi-colored mixed rose bouquet. Combining red, pink and white roses expresses unity and is perfect for couples who may have been struggling; however, combining red, orange and yellow roses exudes joy and happiness about your connection.

The rose is the classic flower of love and is perfect for Valentine’s Day gift giving. Whether the recipient is a friend, parent, sibling, colleague or the romantic love of your life, there’s a rose color to match the sentiment you wish to convey. Express your love this Valentine’s Day season with rose bouquets in a rainbow of colors.