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Valentine’s Day Bouquets for Him: Savvy Tips For Creative Gift Giving

There are various reasons to gift your partner a bouquet of blooms on Valentine’s Day. Per a research poll by the Society of American Florists, 60% of the surveyed men said they’d welcome the gift of blooms. Scientific research also indicates that flowers can help men become better communicators; they’re more inclined to make meaningful eye contact and have expressive body language after seeing them. Many men also have special memories of flowering plants from their childhood, whether it’s the unmistakable scent of orange blossoms in late winter or the sweetness of magnolia trees perfuming spring nights. At Gordon Boswell in Fort Worth, Texas, we’re eager to design a floral creation that will touch him deeply this Valentine’s Day.

Tell Your Florist About Him

Before your florist begins designing your partner’s Valentine’s Day arrangement, share his style, hobbies, and personality nuances with them. The more they know about him, the better they can tailor the display to match his character. If there’s a particular flower he’s fond of or one associated with a cherished memory, include that detail. Keep his scent preferences in mind when picking out flowers. Lastly, think about where he plans to display the arrangement, whether it’s a small creation for his office desk or a more prominent one for home.

Opt for Red, Orange, or Yellow Blooms

Research reveals that bold shades like yellow, orange, and red can spark a man’s enthusiasm. Red flowers, especially roses, carry strong associations with love and passion, making them timeless for intimate moments like Valentine’s Day. Orange blooms convey vigor, enthusiasm, and warmth, uplifting his spirits and celebrating his vibrant character. Yellow flowers symbolize joy and positivity, reflecting the happiness he consistently brings to your life. If you’re aware of his favorite colors, that’s an extra layer of thoughtfulness.

Select Contemporary Designs

Instead of complex designs with a lot of flowers, opt for contemporary Valentine’s Day bouquets featuring clean lines inspired by modern architecture and art. These arrangements usually focus on a single color palette and may incorporate exotic birds of paradise, tall, elegant bamboo, or even a single flower such as bright red anthuriums. Or, choose a design that mirrors the organic beauty found in nature. For the man who cherishes outdoor adventures, an arrangement that appears as if it were recently gathered from a meadow can have a profound impact. Imagine wildflowers, lush greenery, and earth-toned flowers arranged in an untamed style.

Consider the Vase Choice

Rather than extravagant containers, select minimalist vases in neutral, medium, or dark tones that let the flowers shine. Consider a crimson rose paired with an elegant black vase for a striking visual statement. The vessel should extend the contemporary and clean lines of the overall presentation, much like a man’s best-fitting tailored suit or a leather jacket that’s well-worn. These lines bring a sense of sophistication and harmony to your Valentine’s Day gift.

Connect the Arrangement to His Hobbies or Pair Flowers With a Gift

If your partner has hobbies he’s passionate about, consider customizing the vase or incorporating elements related to his interests into the arrangement. For example, if he plays bass, attach a pack of strings to the bouquet. For sports enthusiasts, include a keychain with his team’s logo or a small pennant. Alternatively, you can combine the blooms with thoughtful presents like show or museum tickets. If he’s a food lover, think about pairing the arrangement with a reservation at his favorite restaurant. These thoughtful additions show your deep understanding of his passions.

Surprising your partner with a bouquet on Valentine’s Day is a thoughtful gesture that can ignite romance. Don’t hesitate to collaborate with the team at Gordon Boswell, who can help you design a stunning arrangement that suits his preferences.

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