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Best Gifts to Deliver with Flowers

Spectacular flowers artistically arranged in a sparkling clear glass cylinder vase it's a breathtaking gift they'll long remember. Whatever the occasion, this stunning bouquet will make it even more memorable.


Flowers are the perfect gift for any occasion because they are bursting with symbolism and deeper meaning. People everywhere love flowers! A fresh arrangement has even been proven to lift spirits and reduce stress. Not to mention, flowers from a local florist are simply beautiful and off a sweet fragrant. While floral arrangements are wonderful on their own, you may be inclined to couple a bouquet with another item to ensure your gift is bursting with romance.

Here at Gordon Boswell, we’ve got you covered on both counts. Not only do we offer a wide range of high-quality, pretty blooms, but we also have an assortment of unique luxury gifts. But just in case you need to brainstorm further, we’ve included a carefully curated list of romantic items to pair with any floral bouquet.

Romantic Gifts to Pair with Flowers

Dinner for Two

Don’t underestimate the pleasure of a quality date night, whether it be their favorite home-cooked meal or dinner at a gourmet restaurant. Dinner for just the two of you is a great way to show you care about them, but when paired with a gorgeous bouquet of flowers, that also doubles as a magnificent centerpiece, that shows you’re really thinking out of the box to make the evening special and romantic.

White ceramic tray with home spa supplies in home bathroom for relaxing rituals

Spa Essentials

Creating an at-home spa for your significant other is not only romantic but shows how much you care about their well-being. Ensuring their day ends on a relaxing and calm note will mean the world to them! Light some candles, display a gorgeous bouquet of flowers, and pamper them with luxurious lotions, bath bombs, soaps, face masks, and even fuzzy socks to seal in the tranquility.

Luxury handmade decorative chocolate bonbon in a display of assorted pralines with selective focus in close up view on rustic wood

Artisan Chocolates

The most classic romantic combination is flowers and chocolate, and for good reason. As a fresh bouquet of flowers delights the eyes and nose, a decadent box of artisan chocolates delights the taste buds. Wooing your loved one by igniting all of her senses with two phenomenal treats is a win-win.

Open book on wood desk with rose

Romance Novel

Reading a great romantic love story while sitting next to a lovely vase of fresh flowers is undoubtedly a wonderful treat. If your significant other loves to get lost in a good book, then a romance novel will pair seamlessly with a ravishing arrangement of flowers.

Valentines Day flowers and diamonds


The contrast of a gift so ephemeral and delicate, like a graceful bouquet of flowers with something just as swe-inspiring but long-lasting, like a dazzling piece of jewelry, makes for a stunning gift combination that is hard to put into words. A diamon necklace, pearl earings, a casual tennis bracelet, or anything that reminds you of your love will surely impress them in the most romantic way.


Have you ever noticed all of the floral-type words we use to describe a nice glass of wine? For example, the words “bouquet,” “delicate,” “fruity,” “sweet,” “bold,” and “vibrant” are frequently expressed to describe the look, taste, smell, and feel of wine. Due to the floral properties of wine, flowers prove to be a fantistic gift to pair with their favorite bottle. have fun and get creative in your choice of wine and flowers by matching the scents, notes, and colors to eachother.

Gifting your loved one a lavish bouquet of flowers is sure to make them swoon, especially if there is another romantic token of your love to surprise them with. To begin your search for the best blooms and gifts in Fort Worth Texas, start here at Gordon Boswell.