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April Daisies and Birthday Arrangements

Is there any flower that more embodies the pure carefree nature of spring than the daisy? With its iconic yellow center and white rays, daisies practically exude sunshine and are a beautiful way to bring the fresh ambiance of the season into your home or office.

Better yet, call Gordon Boswell Flowers to order bouquets of daisies for all of your loved ones celebrating April birthdays – as the official birth flower of the month, this ambassador of spring may be your perfect choice.

Although the classic white and yellow daisy (also known as the English daisy) is one of the most common varieties of these flowers, this bloom is quite prolific. With over 23,000 species, the daisy is related to plants as diverse as the sunflower and the artichoke! Some of the other more popular varieties are the Shasta, oxeye, and gerbera.

Gerbera daisies are a favorite of floral designers and can be seen in many spring bouquets, They have large, colorful heads and sturdy stems, These hardy flowers occur in colors including orange, yellow, red and pink. In fact, the only colors which you will not find in the gerbera spectrum are blues and purples.

Did You Know? The name “daisy” is derived from the Anglo-Saxon word for “day’s eye”. The flowers were so named because many daisy species close up in the evening, and reopen their petals in the morning sunlight. However, the popular gerbera daisies, seen often in floral arrangements, do not exhibit this behavior. This, along with their long freshness after being cut make them a favorite for indoor bouquets.

When purchasing floral arrangements for April birthdays, or simply looking to add a bit of spring to your Fort Worth home – daisies are a beautiful choice!  Call the experts at Gordon Boswell Flowers to help you choose the best blooms.