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Gordon Boswell

Posted by gordonboswell on April 23, 2018 Flowers

Beautiful Flowers For Our Nurses And Teachers

The first week of May is packed with celebrations that recognize professionals. Following a week of honoring nurses, we celebrate National Nurses’ Day on May 12th, the birthdate of Florence Nightengale. Teacher Appreciation Week takes place between May 7th, and May 11th, with the day devoted to showing appreciation for teachers falling on May 8th. Flowers are a customary gift to give to these people as a symbol of your gratitude, respect, and appreciation. Gordon Boswell is proud to participate in events that pay homage to two critical groups of unsung heroes in our community.

We encourage you to give nurses and teachers who have had a significant impact on your life, or the lives of people in your family, a token gift, both as a gesture of thankfulness and as a way to show your appreciation. And since Texans like to do everything up in style, it should not come as a surprise to our readers that we’re showcasing our Sweet Smile design today. The compact cube-shaped vase is small enough to fit nicely in the corner of a nurse’s workstation or on the edge of a teacher’s classroom desk. We fill it with pastel-colored roses, so the size of the vase doesn’t detract from the grandeur of the flowers.

We understand how busy life gets for all of us. And sometimes we allow our narrow focus to constrict our vision. But we need to open our eyes, so we don’t forget to pay homage to some of the most valuable civil servants in our community. Let our talented team of creative Gordon Boswell floral designers help you choose or customize gifts for nurses and teachers who’ve made your life better.