Gordon Boswell

Gordon Boswell

Posted by flowermanager on May 28, 2018 Uncategorized

A Bestie Gift To Beat Them All

On June 8, we’re called upon to celebrate our BFFs. National Best Friend’s Day is no lark—it’s a legit occasion during which we fete our most fabulous friends with flowers. (Also, dinner, possibly brunch, maybe a cocktail or two.) Gordon Boswell is more than happy to match you up with the perfect flowers to symbolize your perfect friendship, and also to express the things you can’t when it comes to your best friend. It’s rare that we run out of things to say to such a person, but if we do, flowers can bridge the gap. They can also elaborate on how we feel, ensuring that our strongest feelings are given a voice.

The perfect floral design for a bestie, in our view, is Isabella. This is a fresh, special mix of blossoms, with peony, orchid, tulips and more all conspiring to create a complete vision. Modern, graceful, fragrant and dynamic all at once, Izzy is great at characterizing a friendship (as well as guaranteeing it stays at the top of the list) for its beauty and seasonal relevance. It doesn’t get fresher and more vibrant than this.

Peonies, orchids, tulips & hydrangea in shades of green, pink and white in a cylinder vase.

We promise your bestie will love any piece in this vein, where there’s a balance of polish and wildness. The palette is graceful, the greenery divine. What better way to honor your friendship?