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Breast Cancer Awareness And Flowers

The month of October is recognized throughout the world as an International Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The first week-long celebration of breast cancer awareness in the United States began in 1985. The purpose was to spread awareness across the country about breast cancer, the most common form of cancer affecting women everywhere in the world. Sadly, America has the highest rate of breast cancer in the world.

National Gardening Club Encourages Pink Solidarity During National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

The National Gardening Club created its own campaign to promote Breast Cancer Awareness during the month of October. They call their project Plant it Pink! The goal of this effort is to get schools, non-profit organizations, people with private gardens, hospitals, cancer care facilities and centers, businesses and community organizations to plant pink flowers, create memorial gardens, or to beautify their areas and show support for breast cancer awareness by displaying pink flowers on their grounds.

Community plant and garden centers are encouraged to have classes or discussions focusing on pink plants and flowers. The NGC also encourages people to give pink flowers to communal gardens, public gardens and even Habitat for Humanity Gardens. Enlist the help of Girl and Boy Scout Clubs to teach kids the importance of showing solidarity for a cause, while helping them learn the importance of collaboration and team work.

What You Can Do

Gordon Boswell Flowers has a variety of flowers and flower arrangements that embrace the pink theme of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Cheer up a friend or loved one who is going through treatment, make a statement in your home or office with the I Dream of Pink arrangement – a lush bouquet of different types of flowers in different shades of pink, elegantly arranged in a clear glass vase that is accented with a big beautiful pink ribbon.

Put a smile on the face of a loved one in need of cheering up and encouragement with the lush Sweet Tenderness arrangement – a vase filled with pink flowers, or show your support with a romantic gesture by giving that special someone an elegant bouquet of a dozen pink roses in a clear glass vase. You can up the ante by giving 18 or 24 roses instead of 12 stems.

This month, when you want to give someone flowers, why not use that occasion to show your support for breast cancer awareness? Check out  the pink flower arrangements that Gordon Boswell Flowers has, and let your gift support this all-important cause – one that affects more American women than any other type of cancer.