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Gordon Boswell

Posted by gordonboswell on February 5, 2018 Floral Design Flowers Valentine's Day

Custom Crafted Designs That Wow

Our talented team of floral designers here at Gordon Boswell are constantly looking ahead to the next creative challenge. When they get the opportunity to customize arrangements, they eagerly accept them, thrilled to work within your specifications or to create something on their own that will blow you away. Every occasion that calls for a custom bouquet is different, but we know that each scenario is filled with emotion, and we try to reflect that emotion in the pieces we craft for you.

If you’re looking for us to build something beautiful for Valentine’s Day, that can be done. And we have so many more florals beyond those bold beauties we call red roses. An intricate piece likeĀ Isabella really shows off how quite a few other flowers are just as romantic, especially when they’re brought together like this.

One of the best reasons to let either our designers customize a floral design for you or to choose one themselves is because of the level of skill and experience involved. Our team is practiced in what florals go best together and which will be perfect for the occasion at hand, so it makes sense to let them take the reigns when it comes to an important floral gift. Let us at Gordon Boswell design something special for you and your special someone.