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Posted by gordonboswell on June 17, 2016 | Last Updated: October 8, 2020 Summer

Don’t Forget the Summer Flowers

summer flowersHenry James once said, “Summer afternoon – to me, those have always been two of the most beautiful words in the English language.” And it seems the world agrees. Whether it is because the daylight lingers for hours or maybe because family schedules are relaxed; but all of Fort Worth seems to take a deep breath and slow down. Summer undeniably is a special time that we all treasure.

summer flowersSome of the most evident beauty of summer is in nature; summer flowers are bright, vibrant and bold! Some of the most popular flowers this time of year are the ones who withstand the heat beautifully; the summers best include gladioli, hydrangea, and roses. One of the most prolific and widespread class of blooms is the aster family – gerbera daisies in bright hues, marigold and zinnias that populate our gardens, and the beloved sunflower, the reigning king of the summer flower. Not only does the sunflower grow on stalks that stand proudly high above all others, the cheerful yellow flower head wakes with the sun and follows the sun’s track throughout the day – like all of us who crave the sunshine!

summer flowersIn the summertime, the vibe is carefree and informal. Choose these colorful summer flowers to bring the outside in, or to liven up any picnic or barbecue! The floral designers at Gordon Boswell are committed to creating summer bouquets that are both lavish yet friendly and welcoming, perfect for all summer get-togethers. Don’t forget, if you are headed to a family gathering or an evening with friends, these floral arrangements make the perfect hostess gift. Stop by and let our florists design the perfect bouquet for any occasion – and in the summertime, that means arranging the colors and blooms of summer in a display reminiscent of our favorite season.