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Gordon Boswell

Posted by gordonboswell on February 9, 2015 | Last Updated: February 11, 2020 Valentine's Day

Sending the Perfect Message with the Right Color of Roses

Sending the Perfect Message with the Right Color of RosesAny flower can convey beauty and rich emotion, but the rose is in a category all its own. The classic symbol of love, the rose is an ideal flower to send for Valentine’s Day, Anniversaries or whenever you want to convey love on any level. While red roses have traditionally signified romantic love and passion, roses come in a rainbow of different additional colors to delight the senses. Here are some of the alternate rose colors (besides red) along with their meaning and symbolism:

Pink roses. The pink rose symbolizes feminine elegance, class, and refinement, but its meaning can vary along with the specific hue. Light pink exudes grace, admiration, and happiness, while deep pinks convey warmth and gratitude.

White Roses. The white rose is often associated with weddings, young love, innocence, and purity. When you send a bouquet of white roses, this gesture exudes truth, reverence, unconditional love, and pure intentions.

Yellow roses. Yellow roses bring a sunny vibe to any relationship and are the perfect color to send to friends and colleagues to brighten their day. Yellow roses exude joy, a caring spirit, warmth, and appreciation.

Orange roses. With their warm, pleasant and vibrant hues, orange-colored roses send a message of both desire and enthusiasm. If you feel that a heady mix of attraction and admiration for someone, a bouquet of orange roses is the perfect way to let them know.

Purple roses. Lilac and purple-colored roses have a magical, enchanting quality. Deeper violet roses have a regal, royal vibe, while medium-toned purple roses convey desire, respect and “love at first sight.” By contrast, light purple roses have a gentler, more spiritual connotation. Why not send purple roses to your secret crush on Valentine’s Day?
valentines day multi-color roses
A multi-colored rose bouquet. If you can’t decide on just one color of rose, consider sending a multi-colored¬†mixed rose bouquet. Combining red, pink and white roses expresses unity and is perfect for couples who may have been struggling; however, combining red, orange and yellow roses exudes joy and happiness about your connection.

The rose is the classic flower of love and is perfect for Valentine’s Day gift-giving. Whether the recipient is a friend, parent, sibling, colleague or the romantic love of your life, there’s a rose color to match the sentiment you wish to convey. Express your love this Valentine’s Day season with rose bouquets in a rainbow of colors.