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Floral Acts of Kindness on Sweetest Day

Do you celebrate Sweetest Day? The holiday, which began 100 years ago in Cleveland, has primarily been observed in the Midwest over the years, although recently it is gaining traction across the United States. The first Sweetest Day involved several executives of local candy companies banding together to give chocolates and other candies to orphans and shut-ins; throughout the years, it has become a wonderful opportunity to share love and support with anyone who may need encouragement. Gordon Boswell Flowers & Gifts is your premiere source of floral designs and bouquets in Baton Rouge – and they are guaranteed to lift spirits!

Did You Know? Although Sweetest Day was not established as a romantic holiday, it is estimated that 75% of the gifts exchanged are between couples. 

To honor the original intent of Sweetest Day, we’d like to know – who in your life could use a smile? Sweetest Day is a perfect occasion to encourage the friend looking for a job, or to show love to your family member who feels alone. And flowers are an obvious choice for a gift – after all, studies have proven that flowers actually make us happier! Rescue someone from the everyday mundane with Akala Lilies (shown above) , beautiful pink callas that invoke the peace and serenity of the Hawaiian Island. Turn Up the Pink (shown below) will send hope and support through gorgeous stargazer lilies, and shades of pink roses.

We also recommend something a bit old-fashioned and classic – send a handwritten note. The first Sweetest Day desired to help the poor and outcast, but today it remains the perfect day to let them know that you love them, are supporting them, and will always be there for them. No matter the occasion and no matter the reason, the floral designers at Gordon Boswell Flowers are ready to help you to express yourself in the most beautiful way.