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Gordon Boswell Florist – International Women’s Day

women's dayWith themes ranging from Women Managing Conflicts to Empowering Rural Women to Combat Poverty, International Women’s Day is a global annual initiative that takes place on March 8th. The day is officially recognized in only 30 countries; although events take place in well over 100 countries every year. The first American observance took place in New York City in 1909, but the movement really began to gain traction after the United Nations adopted it in 1977.

Throughout American history, there are countless women we can commemorate for their influences and achievements. Susan B. Anthony is one such woman who was an activist for women’s’ rights; Coretta Scott King and Eleanor Roosevelt continued in her footsteps in later years. Other women are a part of our struggles with social justice; Harriet Tubman ran the Underground Railroad to help emancipate slaves during the Civil War, and Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on a segregated bus in the 1950s. From the arts to politics and the business world – in every walk of life, there are women to admire.

women's day


In the United States, women continue to be trendsetters and pioneers. From school rooms to board rooms, women are influential in weaving the fabric of our history every day. International Women’s Day is a fitting opportunity to show these women your respect and appreciation. In fact, the language of flowers allows you to send a unique tribute, depending on each woman’s contributions. For instance, the daffodil signifies respect or high regard; if you add sage leaves, it indicates you esteem her wisdom. Orchids represent recognition of her beauty and class, and laurel flowers applaud a victory won.


On March 8th, men and women from around the globe will gather together, peacefully protest injustice and celebrate the progress made in regards to human rights and equal freedoms. To honor the women who impact your life positively every day, right here in Fort Worth or across the country, ask a Gordon Boswell florist to help you select the perfect floral arrangement.