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Gordon Boswell

Posted by gordonboswell on April 16, 2018 Earth Day Flowers

Inspired Flowers For Earth Day

Earth Day is an annual celebration throughout the United States on April 22. This year is no exception. With bluebonnets in bloom all over north and central Texas, we’re sort of feeling the spring spirit and getting into the gardening mindset, but we have to admit; it’s really hard to get excited about the warm weather when the temperatures in Texas are as extreme as things are big in our state. If you’re wondering what to do or how to celebrate Earth Day, the Gordon Boswell team is here to give you some inspiration.

We’re thinking about Something Blue. And no, it’s not bluebonnets, cornflowers, delphinium, larkspur or blue columbine. In this case, the vase is blue, and we’re filling it with yellow Gerbera daisies, the alleged happiest flower on earth (who can argue with that?), yellow snapdragons, yellow solidago, and pale yellow spray roses. We added some Queen Anne’s Lace and greenery as accents to give this delightful, fun, elegant, sophisticated and happy floral design a whimsical touch. This is the type of floral design that will elevate your spirits on an icky day, or make you feel happy when you walk into a room and see it. It makes you realize that earth day is about taking care of the earth, and you couldn’t enjoy these flowers or give them to someone as a gift if it weren’t for the stewards of the earth who tended to the garden where they’re grown.

We want to remind you that Earth Day is your chance to think about ways that you can protect the earth. Giving the gift of flowers is a way to encourage people to support florists, and to help people learn to appreciate the things that grow in the ground. If you’re looking for a gift, or a flower or green plant arrangement to spruce up your home or workplace, come in and talk to one of our Gordon Boswell creative geniuses. We’ll help you find the perfect plant or floral design.