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Gordon Boswell

Posted by gordonboswell on December 18, 2017 Floral Design Flowers

Mediterranean Romance In The Forecast For 2018’s Flowers

If you appreciate getting ahead of a good design trend, like we do here at Gordon Boswell, read on.

As we look forward to 2018, International Floral Distributors gives us one more thing to get excited about with their annual floral design trend report. This year’s capture includes a variety of styles, but we’re highlighting one in this week’s blog. We love “Magnificent Mediterranean” for its rich tones of orange, gold and blue, meant to invoke the Mediterranean landscape.

IFD notes that this style is all about giving off a sense of meaningful history, offering designs that transport and convey a feeling of adventure. You can see this demonstrated in our A Taste of the Ocean piece, which reads as both free-form and controlled. Sunflowers are a key feature of this look, along with the blue hydrangea and twirling vines and leaves. This approach feels both worldly and accessible, and can often be found blossoming from a painted vessel or pedestal. In this case, we’ve used a clear glass cube to show off those stems.

This is an enchanting trend, and one that we here at Gordon Boswell hope takes hold. The color palette feels fresh and the presentation cheerful and abundant, even as it telegraphs a feeling of history and substance.